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Endor is one of the many planets in the game located in the Outer Rim. It's completely covered in a dense forest; however, unlike Dathomir or Yavin IV, Endor's jungle is bright with high-rising trees. The planet is very secluded, only adorning two outposts, and is known to be one of the more dangerous planets. It is home to the Ewoks and many other species.

Players are unable to place houses on Endor, but there is a lot to explore and tough creatures to hunt.

Planetary data[]

Planetary map of Endor

Adventurer Map by Sabrehawk

Areas by Combat Level

Regional map by Vora Dumem

Endor is part of the Endor System.




Sights to see[]

/way endor -6139 6107 Burried statue;
/way endor -7606 6212 Adventurer's corpse;


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A desert on Endor