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Amniva Silvoi

Kisoyt Soliger

To finish the Rebel version of this collection, you need to kill all 5 NPCs in the Battle of Echo Base instance. For several players to get credit for a single kill, make sure that everyone hits the target before killing him.

Only one out of the five different NPCs spawns in a single run.

Kill List

  • Captain Auddo Slokay, inside Echo Base during Phase 2 in the room south to the Medical Bay
  • Major Matiby Silcap, he is dropped by a ship during Phase 1 at the Battlefield
  • Lieutenant Amniva Silvoi, at the entrance of Echo Base at the beginning of Phase 2
  • Commander Kisoyt Soliger, in Echo Base during Phase 2 at the end of the hallway before the first Elevator
  • Lieutenant Pepise Slamen, inside Echo Base during Phase 2 at the Ion Capacitor room

They all either drop the E-Web Rifle, AT-ST story teller tokens, and some junk loot every time.

Reward: A Hoth Radio.