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Master Doctor
Emergency Medicine IVPathology IVKnowledge IVAdv Augmentation IV
Emergency Medicine IIIPathology IIIKnowledge IIIAdv Augmentation III
Emergency Medicine IIPathology IIKnowledge IIAdv Augmentation II
Emergency Medicine IPathology IKnowledge IAdv Augmentation I
Novice Doctor

Profession Overview Edit

Doctor is the ultimate support profession. Their abilities will keep group members fighting longer and stronger, in order to be more powerful against opposing forces. Doctors are very limited in their defensive skills and have no offensive skills of their own; however, their role is extremely important in a group and can be easily combined with a combat profession to be effective for solo play.

Doctors are most important for their state cure abilities, especially when the opposition includes Combat Medics. Their rezzing ability will keep your side fighting longer as well. The Doctor profession focuses on higher healing ability at close range, while the Combat Medic has lesser healing ability at medium range and area effect.

This profession requires 106 skill points to master, 43 of which go towards prerequisites.

XP requirements to master, including prerequisites:

  • 6,208,300 Medical XP (granted for healing group members or yourself during combat)

Profession Role SummaryEdit

  • Primary Role: Medical Support
  • Secondary Role: Single Target Healing
  • Offense: N/A
  • Defense: N/A
  • Crowd Control: N/A

Technically Doctors are not a combat profession but have included them here because they are required to be in the field of combat fulfilling a support role.

Base Skills Overview Edit

Each branch increases the Doctor's Ranged Defense and Melee Defense skill mods. Each branch then focuses on a specific area.

Emergency Medicine Edit

The healing branch. New and stronger healing abilities are granted here, as well as increases to Healing Efficiency.

Pathology Edit

Skill mods and abilities that will help the Doctor cure more states more efficiently are granted here.

Medicine Knowledge Edit

Increases in Augmentation Efficiency as well as several inoculation abilities.

Advanced Medical Augmentation Edit

Several more augmentation (buff) abilities as well as improved versions of augmentations are granted here. Increases in Augmentation Efficiency will make the buffs last longer.

Getting Started Edit

Training Novice Doctor requires 125,000 Medical XP and two branches from Medic:

You can find a Doctor trainer in almost every Medical Center on most planets. They are the most common elite trainer in the game.

Related Skill Mods Edit

Abilities Edit

Name Command Description Granted At
Adrenal Boost
/adrenalboostTemporary buff to target's combat speed.Adv. Med. Augm. II
Bacta Infusion
/bactainfusionGradually heals player over time.Emer. Medicine I
Bacta Jab
/bactajabClose range single-target heal. On a different timer than Bacta Shot.Novice Doctor
Emer. Medicine III
Master Doctor
Bacta Shot
/bactashotClose range single-target heal, more powerful than Medic version.Novice Medic, Emer. Medicine II
/bandageChance to reduce target's bleeding.Pathology I
/countertoxinChance to cure player of poison.Pathology I
Countertoxin Spray/countertoxinsprayChance to cure all players nearby of poison.Master Doctor
Decontaminate/decontaminateChance to cure all players nearby of disease.Master Doctor
Disease Inoculation
/diseaseinoculationTemporarily enhances the Disease Resist of target.Medicine Knowledge II
/disinfectChance to cure player of disease.Patholgoy II
Endorphine Injection
/endorphineinjectionTemporary buff to target's action pool regeneration.Adv. Med. Augm. I
Extinguish Fire
/extinguishfireChance to cure player nearby who is on fire.Patholgoy II
Heal Wound
/healwoundHeals a player's health wounds.Novice Doctor
Emer. Medicine II
Improved Nutrient Injection
/nutrientinjectionTemporary buff to target's health pool. More efficient than Medic version.Medicine Knowledge III
Master Doctor
Poison Inoculation
/poisoninoculationTemporarily enhances the Poison Resist of target.Medicine Knowledge I
Place Hospital - Allows a Master Doctor to place a player Medical Center.Master Doctor
Register/registerAllows a Novice Doctor to temporarily register a Medical Center on the planetary map.Novice Doctor
Revive Player/reviveBrings a player back from death without cloning. Short duration of reduction to their abilities.Master Doctor
Serotonin Injection
/serotonininjectionTemporary buff to target's mind pool regeneration.Adv. Med. Augm. II
/stabilizersChance to cure state(s). More efficient than Medic version.Medical Augmentation II, Pathology III

Schematics Edit

None. (Note: Enhancers that improve Doctor abilities are now available in the Bio-Engineer profession.)


  • Battle Armor Certification

Community Information Edit

Doctor Correspondent: Marrow1
Former Correspondents:

  • MasterNerfSlayer
  • DoctorGriggs
  • Traigus
  • Agent001

Profession Name Forum: Official Doctor Forum

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