The Detainment Center is one of the points of interest (POI) on Talus. Arriving at the desolated base in the far south east corner high up in the mountain several NPC guard a small surface base which extends into a large underground complex.

Location: (4984 -6026)

Type: Static Spawn, Dungeon

  • Imperial NPC:
    • Noncomm - (CL?)
    • Security guard - (CL?)
    • Corporal - (CL?)
    • Staff Corporal - (CL?)
    • Warrant Officer I - (CL?)
    • 1st LT - (CL?)
    • Captain - (CL?)
    • Stormtrooper - (CL?)
    • Dark trooper - (CL?)

Special Features:

  • Terminals Present
    • Uplink Terminal
    • Security Terminal
    • Overrider Terminal
    • Power Regulator
    • HQ Terminal
Not sliceable as combatant.

Note: Shock Trooper Armor Left Bicep is located here which is part of the Lost Imperial Shock Trooper Armor Collection.

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