Deep Space is a high-level area of space that also bears the risk of PvP combat - all pilots who enter Deep Space are automatically declared overt upon entry. Freelance Pilots must declare for a side (Rebel or Imperial) before entering Deep Space. Note that faction points are only gained for killing opposing NPCs if one is overt before entering Deep Space, however.

Entry Edit

To enter Deep Space, talk to the Deep Space station specific to the pilot faction. Waypoints for these space stations are listed as POIs in the datapad in the respective system. The stations for each faction are as follows:

When you die in Kessel or Deep Space, you are immediately transported into the system you came from - At the normal space station not the Deep.

NPC Targets Edit

Though Deep Space is the premier PvP space area in the game, there are optional objectives for both Imperials and Rebels. For Imperials, the objective is to destroy the Rebellion's Freedom Station, and Rebels can attack and try to destroy an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Also in this sector are various other high-level NPC targets - gunboats and tier 5 fighters of both factions, and multiple Rebel Corellian Corvettes. NPC ships in Deep Space and Kessel are related. When an NPC ship is destroyed in Deep Space, it is "pushed out" into the Kessel zone. In other words, if the Rebels win in Deep Space, then loot-heavy Imperial ships will appear in Kessel. If the Imperials win fights in Deep Space, then loot-heavy Rebel ships will appear in Kessel. This does not apply to Corvettes or Star Destroyers brought down in Deep Space, however.

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