When you buy something that doesn't naturally fit into your inventory, you receive it in the form of a Deed. This includes physical structures that get placed in the envirionment and items and pets whose controllers are stored in your datapad:

Using a deedEdit

Using the deed's radial menu, you can cause the thing the deed is for to appear in the environment.

  • If the deed is for an item or pet, the generate option calls it to you and puts its control device in the data section of your datapad; you can use this controller to call the it and to store it "in the datapad" when not in use*.
    • Generate Vehicle for vehicles
    • Use Deed for droids
  • If the deed is for a structure, the Use Deed option allows you to place the structure on one or more open lots in your general vacinity.


You can "redeed" something using the radial menu on it's controller. It is stored into a new deed, which you can keep in your inventory or sell.

  • You redeed a structure using the Destroy Structure option. The structure must be empty (no furniture in houses, nothing in the output hopper of an installation). If the structure has any remaining credits or energy stored in it, that is maintained in the deed and is available when the structure is next placed (by you or another character).
  • You redeed a starship using the Deed Ship option.

* There is a secret organization of elf droids in an installation at the north pole of each planet. They keep any thing "stored" in a deed or the datapad in special storage facilities and wisk them to and from any spot in known space when you call or store it. They are rumored to be very generous at certain times of the year, but that has not been confirmed.