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Star Wars Galaxies is introducing a quest series into the game based on the Random House novel Troopers Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber, released on October 13, 2009. The Death Troopers series of adventures will mark the first time that the Star Wars Galaxies game has introduced content inspired by a current novel and given gamers and Star Wars fans the chance to live out these adventures together online. Players can join together to fight horrific new enemies with a frightening affliction.

The update was launched in time for Halloween 2009, but persists as a permanent addition to the game.


So far, it is believed to be canon and with the probability that it was based on the Darkhorse Comic strip "Planet of the Dead", a comic based on a planet in which Solo and Chewbacca face "zombies". This takes place on Dathomir, at the Quarantine Zone for which a new in-game starport has been created with Game Update 13.

In GU13, players received Jabba's Comlink as a chapter gift that would lead them to Bib Fortuna and the quest Something is Obviously Wrong. This quest had players exploring mysterious disappearances of various biologists and the links that they had with a mysterious new Quarantine Zone that Imperial High Command had set up on Dathomir.

Game Update 14 - Death Troopers[]

With the addition of Game Update 14 vast quantities of new content was added in to the game that takes place inside the Quarantine Zone.

After a mysterious turn of events the Empire has mustered an enormous military presence in a remote location on Dathomir. Imperial High Command has issued a travel warning to notify citizens to avoid travel to the planet if possible. Citizens that cannot avoid travel to Dathomir should be aware that certain locations are now considered restricted areas. Unauthorized travel by citizenry to these restricted areas may result in fines, arrest or both. While rumors have circulated that restricted areas are being used to contain a biological threat, no official report has been confirmed or denied by High Command.

There are several new quests, NPCs, badges and collections to discover:


Secondary quests[]




Quarantine Badges.jpg

Loot and Rewards[]

Lots of new loot has been introduced with the new update. Each Undead Boss drops a specific Death Trooper themed item or schematic, and rotting body parts can be looted from various undead (these body parts are the ingredients needed to create the items from the schematics that Undead Bosses drop). There is a deconstructable full suit of Death Trooper armor that can be looted in pieces from any Death Trooper (the armor comes in two kinds, Basic and Standard, which are deconstructable, you can also find Destroyed armor which cannot be worn, but is required to create items from the schematics that Undead Bosses drop).


Major Loots[]

Collection Items[]


  • All kind of Undead related relics


Decorative Items[]


Crafting Components[]

  • Orange Cargo Pocket
  • Orange Synthetic Cloth
  • Rotting Leg
  • Rotting Arm
  • Rotting Hand
  • Rotting Foot
  • Rotting Head
  • Rotting Brain
  • Rotting Tooth
  • Rotting Eye
  • Rotting Liver
  • Rotting lungs
  • Rotting heart
  • Rotting Stomach
  • Rotting Jaw Bone
  • Destroyed Stormtrooper Bicep (Left)
  • Destroyed Stormtrooper Bicep (Right)
  • Destroyed Stormtrooper Boots
  • Destroyed Stormtrooper Bracer (Left)
  • Destroyed Stormtrooper Bracer (Right)
  • Destroyed Stormtrooper Belt
  • Destroyed Stormtrooper Helmet
  • Destroyed Stormtrooper Leggings