Dearic 1

The southern approach to Dearic, Talus.

Dearic 2

One of the many parks scattered throughout the city.


The Capitol

One of only two "regular" static cities on Talus, and holding one of three starports, Dearic is probably the most travelled city on the planet. Located in the center of the planetary map, it is the best landing site for visiting most locations. It also holds most of the facilities of any other static city, including the Capitol building.

City Services Edit


Faction LocationsEdit

/way talus 415 -2931 Dearic Rebel recruiter;
/way talus 702 -3211 Dearic Rebel recruiter;

Other NPC'sEdit

/way talus 244 -2931 Dearic Chassis Dealer;

Quest GiversEdit

/way talus 319 -3059 Champhra Biahin;
/way talus 653 -3177 Hagrin Zeed;
/way talus 683 -3152 Haleen Snowline;
/way talus 459 -2947 Kathikiis Ruwahurr;
/way talus 443 -2924 Mort;
/way talus 435 -2948 Nurla Slinthiss;
/way talus 313 -2941 Omkoo;
/way talus 435 -2922 Radlee Mathiss;


Main article: Dearic GCW Invasion

With the inclusion of Game Update 15, the city of Dearic will be set upon by various forces as a part of the Galactic Civil War. The following waypoints are given to players via the /gcwSkirmishCityHelp command.

Attacking forces will have to report to camps at:

/way talus -2 -2805 Dearic Invasion Attacking Camp #1;
/way talus 355 -2605 Dearic Invasion Attacking Camp #2;
/way talus -890 -2994 Dearic Invasion Attacking Camp #3;

Defending forces can report to the General at:

/way talus 479 -3007 Dearic Invasion Defender General;
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