Dathomir from space


Dathomir space is a space sector that contains the planet Dathomir and is rich in crystal asteroids, but has a high level of pirate activity. Miners and travelers are cautioned to have pre-planned escape points programmed into their nav computers. Freelance Pilots may also travel to Deep Space and Kessel System from the Last Nav Station. Hostile targets in this area are tiers 4 and 5. Easiest reachable Crystal Asteroid (n°3) is 2000m from Hyperspace: Emperor's Hand.

Space stations
Station Allegiance Notes
Dathomir Station Neutral
Last Nav Station Neutral Battle Station: may declare for PvP combat
Empire's Station I and II Imperial Battle Station: may declare for PvP combat
Mining Outpost Neutral Astroid dealers

Hyperspace routes
Quadrant Destination Inhabitants Hostiles Notes
Quadrant I Dark Force Dathomir Freelance Killers 5+ Closest to asteroids
Quadrant II Empire Blockade Witchblood Clan Soldiers 3-5
Quadrant III Dathomir's Vitality Corsec Lancers, Imperials, T'raenyan Bombers, Vin'ticula Bounty Hunter 3-5

Closest to:

  • Dathomir Space Station (8000 m)
  • Freelance Deep Space Station (6200 m)
Quadrant IV Emperor's Hand Vin'ticula Bounty Hunters 3-5

Points of Interest
POI Inhabitants Hostiles
Dark Force Nebula Imperials, Witchblood Clan Soldiers 3-5
Heart of Dathomir Nebula Sitaela Fighters, T'raenyan Bombers, Vin'ticula Bounty Hunter 3-5
Witch Blood Territory Imperial, Witchblood Clan Soldiers 3-5

Asteroid survey
Asteroid Count
Crystal asteroid 3


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