Data runner
Located on a small ringed island in the southern ocean is this communication array.

Data Runner is a battlefield located on Endor. Stray transmissions from both sides of the galactic civil war have been picked up in this region. This is a variation on a traditional capture the flag map. Once both teams have members in the pvp zone, one player will be randomly selected to receive a data packet. They will receive a special buff and be unable to enter stealth (but they can use a vehicle). They will also receive a glow to alert all team mates, and enemies, to the fact they are carrying the data.

The goal is to reach one of the four transmitters marked on the map, everyone will receive a waypoint to the target transmitter which will be the furthest one from the person who received the buff. Reach the transmitter and use it to send the data for a 100 GCW point reward. Once either the data has been sent, or the data carrier has been killed, or 90 Seconds have passed the data will be given to a random member of the opposing side, they will then have to reach their target transmitter.

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