The enclave's entrance


The High Hall of the dark enclave


Location of the Dark Enclave

The Dark Jedi Enclave is located deep within a secret set of ruins in the mid-easterly region (loc: 5080, 79, 306) of Yavin IV.


Yavin IV /way yavin4 5080 306 DS Jedi Enclave;


  • dungeon

Game InfoEdit

Created as part of the Force Ranking System, this structure was a meeting place for Jedi that chose to fight along the side of the Empire. The FRS was later shelved with the implementation of the CU. Since then, this enclave has served mainly as a pilgrimage point for Jedi, although some players have used it to host events.

The enclave was guarded by a pair of Dark Jedi Sentinel (CL500) who will kill any who approach the entrance unless they are fast enough to avoid the Sentinel's lightsabers. However since the release of Chapter 7, the Dark Jedi have been removed from content. Now the enclave just serves as place to visit for all that wish to see its ruins.

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