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Dargnon Nazgariall in his old GLORY RIS armor.

Dargnon Nazgariall is a founder and Guild Master of Czech/slovak guild URNA (PA) (Útvar Rychlého Nasazení), PA on the Chimaera server. He is an Officer and Elder Squad Leader since year 2004. He engages in PvE, PvP and other activities, alone, with his PA or with other combatants.

Recently his actions and those of his units have greatly supported the Rebel war efforts.

Skills and achievementsEdit

Dargnon nazgariall 3

Dargnon Nazgariall in his newest suit of RIS armor.

Officer, experienced both in PvE and PvP combat. Specialised in group support and AoE damage dealing. He places the goal of his squad's success above anything else and feels best in bigger PvP engagements.

He has kept the Rebel faction rank of General for many months.

Chimaera Warden since 2007 and owner of 188+ various badges.

History Edit

Imperial aligned in years 2004-2007. Rebel since 2007.

Guild Master of URNA (PA) (Útvar Rychlého Nasazení) and Mayor of River Camp (city) since 2008.

Member of DeSun (PA) in 2007-2008.

Member of DARK (PA) in years 2006-2007.

Member of EEVIL (PA) in years 2005-2006.