Dantooine System is a remote space sector that contains the planet Dantooine. Dantooine space is reputed to have heavy Rebel Alliance traffic to Deep Space and Kessel System, so travelers and merchants should beware of military traffic. Travelers should also beware of the Black Sun, Blacklight, and Hutt pirates. Safe travel can be found through Gorvera Space. Hostile targets in this area are tiers 3 and 4.

Space stations
Station Allegiance Missions
Dantooine Space Station Neutral Alliance Pilots, Tier 2 Freelance Pilots
Deep Space Station Rebel Alliance None, but may access Deep Space and Kessel System
Rebel Space Station I and II Rebel Alliance None, but may declare for PvP combat
Imperial Space Station I and II Galactic Empire None, but may declare for PvP combat

Hyperspace routes
Quadrant Destination Inhabitants Hostiles Notes
Quadrant I Dantooine's Wrath Galactic Empire, Hutt 5+ Closest to:
  • Acid and Methane asteroids
  • Dantooine Space Station (6788 m)
  • Rebel Deep Space Station (7200 m)
Quadrant II Asair's Ribbon Aii'tkian Guardians, Velocity Mercenaries 3-5
Quadrant III Isryn's Veil Aii'tkian Guardians, Hutts, Imperials, Nym's Forces 10-15
Quadrant IV Gorvera Space Low traffic N/A

Points of Interest
POI Inhabitants Hostiles
Area D-502 Aii'tkian Guardians, Hutts, Junk Guardians 10-15
Area D-7s1 Droid Junk Guardians, Droid Junk Fanatics 5+
Blacklight Territory Blacklight Pirates 5-10
Dantooine's Second Star Imperials, Rebels, Valarians, Velocity Smugglers 5+
Ebon Essentia Imperials, Rebels, Valarians 3-5
Ith'ril Eventide Slave Traders, Vin Guardians (Zel'iphian Slave Traders) 5+
Legacy YT Indigo Blue Imperials, Junk Guardians 5+
Sserician Eclipse Imperials, Valarians, Vin Guardians 15+
Wall of Dantooine Imperials, Junk Guardians, Unidentified freighter fleet 5+

Asteroid survey
Asteroid Count
Acid asteroid 3
Methane asteroid 2


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