Schematic Obtained In: Trader (Structures) >> Structure Mastery V

Skill Needed to Use: Politician >> City Customization I

Placeable on: Tatooine, Lok, Dantooine, Naboo, Rori, Corellia, Talus

Item Type: Generic Item >> Decoration (See Items)

Operating costs:

  • Maintenance: ??cr/week (also costs 1000cr to place)

Resources Required:

  • 3000 Dantooine Flower Fruit
  • 1500 Extrusive Ore

Components Required:

Complexity: 16

Requires: Specialized Crafting Tool

XP Gained: ?? Structure Crafting XP (normal) / ?? Structure Crafting XP (practice)

Relevant Experimental Properties: None.

Notes: Anyone may place one in a structure (with permission) and a mayor with City Customization I may place one in a player city. An additional 1000cr cost will be charged to place the statue in the player city.

  • Deed for: Dantooine Meditation Area (Garden)
  • Deed for: Dantooine Spirit Stone (Garden)
  • Deed for: Dantooine Totem (Garden)
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