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A Dantari Raider

Unnamed NPCsEdit

  • Dantari Informant
  • Dantari Raider
  • Dantari Raider Battlelord
  • Dantari Raider Chief
  • Dantari Raider Strategist

NPC VendorEdit

The Dantari species can't be chosen as a vendor species by a trader.

Star Wars LoreEdit

The Dantari were one of the planet's native intelligent life. They were a muscular and well-built people who lived a simple, nomadic life, wandering about Dantooine's coastline in tribes. The Dantari had an extensive knowledge of the medicinal properties of the local flora and fauna. They treasured the root of the Vincha plant for its incredible anesthetic powers. Several Dantari tribes were known, including the Janta, Kunga and Mokk.

The Dantari also participated in an elaborate form of gift exchange as a way of establishing ties between individuals and tribes. Any object could be exchanged, including magic stones, weapons, wooden statues, and even the treasured Vincha plant.

During the time of the New Republic a small colony was established by the Republic for the people of Eol Sha. However, Admiral Daala discovered the colony and chose it as one of her first targets. Under the leadership of Commander Kratas a regiment of AT-AT's were deployed. The ensuing battle destroyed the entire colony and caused the destruction of a single AT-AT.

As a result, the Dantari believed the Imperials to be gods. Some Dantari had crude tattoos of AT-AT's, or the Imperial insignia, or images of Imperial blasters, or the outlines and seams of Stormtrooper Armor on their chests. The Dantari are also known to also have tried to make clothes that look like the pilots flight jumpsuit, and fashioned weapons and tools from shards of AT-AT armor.

The Dantari attempted to later communicate with refugees sent from the New Republic, however, the Yuuzhan Vong invaded and massacred the refugees, then proceeded to attack the Dantari. The survival and continuation of the Dantari after the genocide is currently unknown.

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