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Dabbler Edit

A player that chooses to learn some skills in several different professions instead of focusing on one profession.

Since the NGE changed the profession progression, this term is no longer used.

Dant Edit


Dath Edit


DB Edit

Death Blow - The finishing move that can be administered when a player is incapacitated. Anyone who can attack the player may administer the deathblow, regardless of who incapacitated the player.

DE Edit

Short hand form of Droid Engineer.

Devs Edit

Developers, specifically the developers of Star Wars Galaxies. Sometimes confused with SOE employees who post in the forums under a red name, only some of whom are developers.

DOT Edit

Damage over time. Bleeding, Fire, and Poison are included.

Downer Edit

A period of time after the usage of a Spice in which the player's HAM is affected by two or more debuffs. This lasts only 30 seconds and is denoted by a debuff icon and puking animations and sounds.

DPS Edit

Damage Per Second. This is a calculation to determine how much damage a particular weapon does over time, taking into account average damage and weapon speed. Examining weapons now gives a base DPS in order to quickly compare between weapons. Once you have purchased a weapon, the Modified DPS takes into account skill mods that increase your weapon speed, in order to give a more accurate estimate of the damage per second.

Drops Edit

A term often associated with loot. Often used in sentences such as; "Who drops crystals?", or "This creature drops armor attachments."

DWB Edit

Death Watch Bunker - High level dungeon on Endor featuring enemies wearing Bounty Hunter Armor. Mandalorian Armor and the Jetpack are crafted here.

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