Cybernetic Specialist is a type of NPC that can install or remove any cybernetics for a fee of 5000 credits for the procedure provided the patient has enough cyber-psychosis resistance (CPR) points. They are located on the second floor of major Medical Centers.

  • Seems like all Cybernetic Specialists have been replaced with Aboo Aramflahad. You need to unequip any Appearance Items in order to remove any Cybernetics.
Cybernetic specialists
Name City Planet Waypoint
Aboo Aramflahad Coronet Corellia /wp -116 -4440
Doctor Nssktkslis Mos Entha Tatooine /wp 1296 3289
Mindt F'abul Theed Naboo /wp -4997 4145

All characters begin with 2 CPR points and gain an additional 2 CPR points at levels 18, 42, 66, and 90 for a total of 10 CPR points.

Cybernetic CPR
Arms 3
Forearms 2
Hands 1
Legs 5
Torso 6

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