Corellian system

Corellian system



Corellian System is a space sector that orbits the star Corell and contains the planets Corellia and Talus. CorSec maintains security in the area though many pirate forces can be found in the area. Hostile targets in this area are mostly tiers 1 and 2.

Space stations
Station Allegiance Missions
Corellia Station Neutral CorSec Squadron, Tier 3+ RSF Squadron and Imperial Pilots
Talus Station Neutral Freelance Pilots
Rebel Space Station I and II Alliance None, but may declare for PvP combat

Hyperspace routes
Quadrant Destination Inhabitants Hostiles Notes
Quadrant I CorSec Wing CorSec, Rebel Alliance 5+
Quadrant II Trifecta Star Alliance, Binayre, Black Sun 5+
Quadrant III Binayre Razorcat Binayre, Hidden Daggers 5-10+ Closest to Silicaceous asteroids
Quadrant IV Corellia's Own CorSec, Trade Federation 5-10 Closest to Corellia Station
Quadrant V Talus Secta Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance 10-20 Closest to Talus Station

Points of Interest
POI Inhabitants Hostiles
Pirate's Shadow Unidentified pirates 3-5+
Rayless Lantern Binayre, CorSec 10+
Rubicund Eye Black Sun 15+
Secure Route ID-N5 CorSec, Rebel Alliance 5+
The Void Hidden Daggers, Hutt 5-10+

Asteroid survey
Asteroid Count
Iron asteroid 1
Silicaceous asteroid 4


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