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CorSec Squadron, or Corellian Security's elite space fighter corps, is one of three squadrons that Freelance Pilots can join. It is almost exclusively centered around protecting Corellian Space, and most of the pilot trainers will originate on Corellia. However, pilots will sometimes find themselves in foreign systems during missions.

As with most Corellian agencies, including the infamous Corellian Jedi of ages past, the CorSec Squadron tries to maintain true neutrality to the extent possible. Due to this, any pilot wishing to attain the rank of Ace will have the option of choosing to destroy either a Rebel or Imperial Corvette during their final mission.

You must have positive CorSec faction in order to train.

Squadron Trainers[]

Tier 1: Sergeant Rhea, Coronet, Corellia (-275 -4730)
Tier 2: Captain Rikkh, Coronet, Corellia (-275 -4741)
Tier 3: Commander Ramna, Nym's Stronghold, Lok (527 5061)
Tier 4: Adwan Turoldine, Mining Outpost, Dantooine (-596 -2488)
Tier 5: Admiral Wilhelm Burke, Doaba Guerfel, Corellia, (3080 5203) or Grand Admiral Niall Declann, Theed, Naboo (-5526 4618)