Level: 38


  • 16670 credits
  • 18994 quest xp


Major Walden sends you to see Osto Grissom (-5210 -2578), a starpilot who was assaulted outside a local bar. Nothing was stolen, and no one is quite sure what went on, or why. Go and speak with him. He tells you that the Meatlumps attacked him, and were only scared away when a group of patrons came out of the pub. There is a Meatlump camp near Tyrena (-5109 -2732), go and see what you can learn from the 'Lumps.

They aren't happy to see you. You will have to kill 12 of them (CL38-39) to get any useful information. All you learn is that Ubbal Fenn, a Meatlump leader in a nearby cave (-5694-2299), might have some information. You must go there and destroy the following:

  • 5 Armor Lockers
/way purple -5807 -2355 Locker 1;
/way purple -5866 -2391 Locker 2;
/way purple -5765 -2362 Locker 3;
/way purple -5838 -2461 Locker 4;
/way purple -5816 -2494 Locker 5;
  • 6 Weapons Caches
/way orange -5776 -2362 Cache 1;
/way orange -5823 -2402 Cache 2;
/way orange -5865 -2399 Cache 3;
/way orange -5758 -2359 Cache 4;
/way orange -5849 -2419 Cache 5;
/way orange -5820 -2500 Cache 6;
  • 4 Food Stores
/way yellow -5840 -2403 Store 1;
/way yellow -5809 -2355 Store 2;
/way yellow -5760 -2358 Store 3;
/way yellow -5807 -2441 Store 4;
  • 15 Meatlumps (CL38)

Teilo Monnro is just before the cave (-5658, -2332) who is being harassed by Hrath Koo. She gives the following side quest:

Inside the entrance to the cave is a Meatlump named Pech Seki who wants to quit the gang. He gives the following side quest:

Once you have fought your way into the cave and destroyed the 'Lumps goods, speak with Ubbal Fenn (-5786 -2359). Fenn says you make a good Meatlump - and he says that Grissom was attacked because he imports electronics. The Meatump King says that only simple machines are pure, all else shoud be destroyed. Once you have spoken with Fenn, return to Maj. Walden for your reward.

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