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This is the pre-quests to the Exar Kun heroic encounter.

Controlling Spirit[]

Level: 90
Reward: 142005 XP

A research outpost on Talus has been out of contact for a number of months, and none of the people sent to re-establish contact have been heard. Worried that something has gone wrong, you have been hired to investigate whatever is going on there.


Recommended combat levels: 90 and higher

Head to the Guild Hall of Aurilia on Dathomir and talk to the Corellia University teaching assistant (/wp 5183 -4156 Corellia University teaching assistant) to start the quest.

/way dathomir 5183 -4156 yellow Corellia University teaching assistant;

Conversation with a Corellia University teaching assistant[]

Corellia University teaching assistant: Greetings, my friend. I...uh...was wondering if I could speak with you for a moment?
PC: Yes, of course.
Corellia University teaching assistant: Thank you. I speak on behalf of Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn of the University of Corellia. He seeks the assistance of an adventurer such as yourself to aid him. Would you be willing to lend such aid?
PC: I suppose I could help.
Corellia University teaching assistant: Most excellent. Please travel to Tyrena on Corellia and speak with Professor Wagglehorn. You'll most likely find him enjoying the view out over the water. Thank you.

Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn[]


Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn

Then travel to Tyrena on Corellia to talk to Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn (/wp orange -5469 -2984 Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn).

/way corellia -5469 -2984 yellow Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn;

Conversation with Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn[]

Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn: Thank you for coming to speak with me. I am a professor with the University of Corellia. The University has a mobile research outpost on Talus, and unfortunately we have lost contact with them. No communication or responses to our queries for over a month. I do not wish to involve the authorities unless there is truly cause to do so and the University agrees. Will you help us by investigating?
PC: I would not be here otherwise.
Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn: I am thankful. The research outpost is on Talus. I'll upload their last known location to your journal. When you learn anything, please use their communications terminal to contact me.

Off-site Research Outpost[]

Then travel to Talus (Imperial Outpost is the closest starport), where you head to the Off-site Research Outpost (/wp talus -465 4440 Off-site Research Outpost) offsite research.


"The Outpost is eerily silent as you approach. There should be students and researchers busily at work, but no one is visible. Other than a corpse in the center of the Outpost yard. Go check it."

Researcher's Datapad[]

There the quest updates for you to check the dead researcher and his datapad which will appear in your inventory.

/way talus -457 4454 a dead researcher;


From the researcher's daily journals in the datapad, you determine that some strange cultists arrived unexpectedly at the outpost and began speaking with the students and researchers. Seemingly overnight, almost everyone at the outpost joined the cult. The dead researcher was one of the few to refuse. He seemed adamant that the cultist had some way of compelling others to join them and that those who joined did not do so of their own free will. He also mentions a location at which the former students (newly converted cultists) were being prepared for off-world transportation under the supervision of someone named Magnus Grenz.

Send a Message[]

After you power-up the datapad click on the communication terminal (/wp -449 4434 a communication terminal) to complete it.

/way talus -449 4434 yellow a communication terminal;

Magnus Grenz[]

Magnus Grenz

Magnus Grenz

Next, you will need to find Magnus Grenz (a cultist coadjutor) (/wp talus -1837 6609 magnus). There, talk to Magnus to start the spawn of level 90 foes.

Conversation with Magnus Grenz[]

Magnus Grenz: You seek those liberated from the University's research outpost. Never fear, they have joined our glorious cause. You may join as well. Though perhaps, I will not allow you the choice.

Kill all of the cultists until you get a quest advance.

Speak with Magnus Grenz Again[]

Then, you will talk to him again and he will immediately die. If you're in a group Magnus respawns within about 1 minute so don't worry about this wasting time.

Conversation with Magnus Grenz[]

Magnus Grenz: You defeated my minions. Well, not truly MY minions...we all follow the Voice from the Darkness. As shall you. Nevertheless, I remain unimpressed and shall ensure that you learn nothing more from me.

Grenz's Data Terminal[]

After killing his minions and finishing him off, head down into the bunker, kill the same enemies and click on the Data Terminal at the last level (/wp talus -1822 6651 terminal);

/way talus -1822 6651 yellow Data Terminal;

Return to Professor Wagglehorn[]

Then return to Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn in Tyrena, Corellia.

Conversation with Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn[]

Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn: The investigation team at the outpost found evidence of a mind controlling substance in the blood of the deceased researcher as well as some samples of the same stashed nearby. That, along with your discovery of a cult devoted to Exar Kun, worries me. A colleague of mine, Professor Walter Emanus, has been leading a team on Yavin IV. That team is hoping to find artifacts related to Exar Kun. I fear this cannot be a coincidence.
PC: What do you wish me to do?
Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn: Professor Emanus has been leading an archeological dig on  Yavin IV, as I said. They were hoping to find artifacts or relics related to Exar Kun near the Temple of Exar Kun. I fear they may have found something far worse. Please travel to the dig site on Yavin IV and find Professor Emanus.

Controlling Spirit, Part 2[]

Level: 90
Reward: 142005 XP

If Professor Wagglehorn's fears are correct, it is probably Professor Emanus' team that freed Exar Kun's spirit and became enslaved to it. You must find a way to defeat Exar Kun.


Recommended combat levels: 90 and higher

Travel to the Archeological Dig Site[]

Now with the first part of the quest done head to the Mining Outpost on Yavin IV from where you will need to head to the archaeological dig site (/wp 4846 5575 Archaeological Dig Site)

/way yavin4 4846 5575 yellow Archaeological dig site;

Find a way to Infiltrate the Cult[]

Ignore the foes at the site and go talk to the Rebel trooper (/wp 4927 5593 a Rebel trooper). He will tell you that you need a Medallion of Exar Kun to get into the catacombs beneath the temple.

/way yavin4 4927 5593 yellow a Rebel trooper

Conversation with a Rebel trooper[]

a Rebel trooper: You're looking for Professor Emanus? He leads this archeological dig site. I used to come speak with him when my duties allowed. But recently, in the last month or two, something has changed. He refuses to see anyone. And the researchers and students all started wearing those strange robes. Something isn't right.
PC: Where can I find Professor Emanus?
a Rebel trooper: He is down below in the temple. They dug down and found a way into the lower levels of the Temple of Exar Kun. The Professor is always down there these days. I have not been able to get to him. Only those who carry a medallion are allowed entry.
PC: A medallion?
a Rebel trooper: That is correct. From what you've told me, I'm guessing the markings on the medallion are related to Exar Kun. You'll need one if you wish to enter and find Professor Emanus.

Find a Medallion of Exar Kun[]

Kill the cultists around the dig site until you to get the medallion.

Return to Professor Wagglehorn[]

Once you have the medallion, return to Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn in Tyrena, Corellia.

Conversation with Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn[]

Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn: Travel to Aurilia and speak with my teaching assistant there. He can alter the medallion to allow you to enter the inner sanctum of the Temple of Exar Kun where Professor Emanus and his followers are held in sway by the spirit of Exar Kun.
PC: I shall do so.
Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn: My teaching assistant can also arrange for transport from Aurilia to the dig site on Yavin IV whenever you are ready to confront Exar Kun and his enslaved minions...including my unfortunate friend, Professor Emanus.

Return to Aurilia[]

With that done that's pretty much it - he will tell you to head to back to Aurilia and talk with the Corellia University teaching assistant again to finish the quest.

Conversation with a Corellia University teaching assistant[]

Corellia University teaching assistant: I've made the necessary arrangements. The medallion should allow you to enter the temple and the Aurilia shuttle can take you to Yavin IV whenever you need. Good luck confronting the spirit of Exar Kun!

You now have access to the Exar Kun instance through the Aurilian travel consultant Maximillian.

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