"Container" is a general term for items that store other items. There are two types of containers:

  • Wearable
  • Non-wearable

A larger container can hold a smaller container. For example:

  • You can put any container that can hold 50 items inside a heroic backpack that can hold 65 items.
  • You can put containers that can hold 20 items inside a backpack that can hold 50 items.

Wearable Containers[edit | edit source]

Most Wearable Containers are Backpacks. They can store 50 or 65 items, and are equipped in the backpack or bandolier slot. Almost all backpacks can be renamed. Unequipped wearable containers can still hold items.

Non-wearable Containers[edit | edit source]

There are many varieties of Non-wearable Containers, such as:

Satchels and Cargo Pockets can be renamed, but Crafting stations must be named on creation. Unlocked containers are obtained when a Smuggler successfully slices Locked Containers

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