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A command is a directive to the game to perform a specific task. Commands can be sent via the chat line, toolbar, radial menu or external controls through keys bound in the keymap, mouse or joystick.


Interaction with the world / objects / targets[]

/consent Allows targeted player to Customize your vehicle/droid and to revive you if they are a medic.
/con Displays difficulty rating of creature or NPCs compared to the your skill with your weapon in hand.
/conversationStart Starts a conversation with the target.
/conversationStop Ends a conversation with the target.
/disband Disband the entire group if you are leader, or make you quit the group if you are only member.
/drop Drops the targetted item in your possession.
/duel Challenges the targetted player to a duel. Duels are to the death or until one player types /endduel.
/endduel Ends a duel.
/examine Brings up a window with information about the target.
/fish Start Fishing
/follow Autofollows your target.
/invite Invites target player into your group (only group leaders can invite additional people into an existing group).
/makeLeader (group leader only) Transfers leadership to target group member.
/addpower Allows you to deposit power without using the radial menu.
/setpermission Sets which players are allowed to move and pick-up items within a structure, as well as destroy that structure. You must be in or near a building or installation to do this.
/setprivacy You must be in a building to use this.
/teach Teach your targeted player a skill. Most skills are teachable, with the largest exception being pilot skills.   Not in current game Pre-NGE
/trade Initiates a trade with the target
/tradeAccept Accepts a trade from the target.
/transferItem Transfers item from one player to another
/transferstructure Transfers ownership of a structure from one player to another.
/stopfollow Ends autofollow command.
/loot Loots targeted corpse.
/lootAiCorpse loots targeted Ai corpse.
/lootPlayerCorpse Loots targeted Player corpse.
/watch Actively watches targeted performer.

Note: The auto-attack command has since been removed to prevent afk-combat macros from being used.

Self applicable[]

/burstrun Using this command will allow you to run very fast for a short time. It is a useful way to escape a tight situation. Once you slow down, you will be very tired. (Post NGE this command does not seem to work)
/eject If you are stuck in a building or other feature of the landscape, this should unstick you.
/unequip Unequips...Not sure what
/unstick If you are stuck in a building or other feature of the landscape, this should unstick you. You cannot move for the command to work. Often needed in mustafar when you enter Mensix.


/pet attack Commands your pet to attack the target.
/pet embolden Causes your pets to become bolder, at some cost to you.
/pet enrage This command causes all of your pets to become berzerk, causing more damage, but taking more time.
/pet follow Commands the pet to follow you or a target.
/pet formation Forms your pets into a battle formation.
/pet friend Causes your pet to make friends with a target.
/pet group Enables you to add the pet to your group.
/pet guard Commands your pet to guard a specific spot.
/pet patrol Commands your pet to guard a small area.
/pet stay Commands your pet to sit in one spot.
/pet store This command stores the pet back into your pet control device.
/pet trick1 Commands your pet to do a trick. Tricks heal pet mind damage.
/pet trick2 Commands your pet to do a trick. Tricks heal pet mind damage.


/waypoint By typing /waypoint and the coordinates, you will create a waypoint in your datapad at your target location or at your own location if nothing is targeted. Note targeting something and typing /waypoint does not seem to work post NGE.
/find Brings up list of commonly searched for locations. Selecting a location will create a waypoint to the nearest one of that type and will produce a lighted path leading you to it. To remove the waypoint you created, type /find clear.
/findfriend <name> Locates your friend by name and creates an active waypoint for them.
/earth Displays the earth time
/quit Exit the game immediately. Your character will remain vulnerable to attack for three more minutes.
/logout Logs your character off the server. You should be in a hotel, house or campsite for a safe logout, otherwise your character will be at the mercy of the world for 3 additional minutes.
/moods Displays a list of moods.
/getvet Displays how long you are playing the game in days. Your veteran time.
/claimvet Allows the player to claim any unclaimed veteran rewards.
/locateStructure Locates all Structure locations. Housing, Factories, Harvesters and City Structures. A list is given in the System Message chat. You can only use this command once every 24 hours.
/ui hudreset Reset the User Interface.

Master List of Commands in SWG[]

(Update due today news of close of SWG and my college studies and just enjoy SWG will not finsh this but may just list as Phase 1. A section give idea of what commands are like in SWG. For Phase 2 there no need and these more work then I can do with out help, so Phase 2 is cross out. If some would add newer commands like /waypoint feel free. I hop this list been a help with SWG and use in-game macro. For news go to: http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/posts/list.m?topic_id=1220357 Gawo 05:14, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

Phase 1. (Done 2/20/10)- Full list of "/" commands from hard copy posted on Feb. 26 2006 on long disband "The Great Lion"<TGL> guild's web on Naritus galaxy or server. At the time all command were tested. Gawo 05:12, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

Phase 2. Its going over both SWG updates, help guides and Friday Feature for SWG commands and next pull any miss command from this wiki. Gawo 05:12, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

Bring up list in-game type "/" then push [TAB]key and save it to file /log or /chatlog

Ref link to SWG Forum on topic of commands [1]

Here a list from my hard copy from my old guild web site "The Great Lion"(Note: This guild is sadly been disband) Some of the commands are here for record that they where use at one time. I add some new commands that I found over look from list and found order commands by going over update notes and "Friday Feature" on SWG website.


/accuse (/accuse <Targetself or other, untargeted>) Use by all, <Untargeted> /accuse: "You point accusingly at eveyone else." <Targetself> /accuse self: "Have you been bad? Tsk, tsk." <Target> /accuse Rex: "You point accusingly Rex" Note: Rex was text use in for example. We could of aim then /accuse too
/ache (/ache <Targetself or other, untargeted>) Use by all, <Untargeted> /ache: "You ache all over." <Targetself> /ache self: "Eat something bad? Your stomach grumble and aches." <Target> /ache <Target>: "You let <Target> know that your body aches for <Target>"
/acidcone1 This attack inflicts acid damage on multiple targets ?Pre-NGE?
/acidcone2 This attack inflicts acid damage on multiple targets ?Pre-NGE?
/acidsingle1 This attack inflicts massive acid damage on single targets ?Pre-NGE?
/acidsingle2 single target acid attack ?Pre-NGE?
/acidshot1 This ranged attack can wreak havoc with a target's Action(ref. unit) drain and regeneration rates. ?Pre-NGE?
/acidshot2 This ranged attack can wreak havoc with a target's Action(ref. unit) drain and regeneration rates. ?Pre-NGE? (Noted : On cleaning and updating info on /acidshot1 and /acidshot2 is one more useful then the other?)
/activateclone Allow you to activate your clone, if you have been killed or deathblown and the cloning pop-up message box fails to appear! See /clone also.
/addpower (/addpower, /addpower [0-100000?) /addpower: Pop-up widow, /addpower 100: "You Successfully deposit 100 energy." with message on the next line "Energy reserves now at 60100 units Used by all owner of Harvesters or Factory (Note: Must be used with both Energy resource(see resource) units on toon and next to Harvesters/Factory to work) Tested /command in SWG.
/adjust (/adjust <Targetself or other, untargeted>) Use by all, <Untargeted> /adjust : "You adjust your outfit. There you go! Perfect." <Targetself> /adjust self: "You tighten down gear and for action." <Target> /adjust <Target>: "You adjust <Target> outfit for (him, her or it)" Tested /command in SWG.
/adn (/adn <Targetself or other, untargeted>) shows impatience or patience expired (Short format)
/afk (/afk ) Turn on/off Flag, Use by all. /afk : (need go in to SWG to see what out is) Flag: "AFK" above your toon head and above your titles and guide flag. Use to tell other your away from keyboard both in area and in coming texting in chat.
/afk4drink (/afk4drink) away from keyboard for drink in area only (Short format)
/afk4food (/afk4food) away from keyboard for food in area only (Short format)
/afkmessage (/afkmessage) Edit the message for AFK (Short format)
/afktime /afktime To set the timer for auto AFK (Short format)
/agree (/agree <Targetself or other, untargeted>) Animation: Your toon nod yes.(Short format)
/airguitar (/airguitar) Animation: Your toon and your /say some like "I rock!". (Short format)




/clone - (/clone )Use by all, Allow you to actvate your clone, if you have been killed or deathblown and the cloning pop-up message box fails to appear! See /activateclone also.




/earth time


/flourish1 or /flourish 1


/group autoloot Displays
/group autoloot credits
/group autoloot items
/group autosplit Displays
/group info Displays
/group leader Displays
/group menu
/group notify Displays
/group notify credits
/group notify death
/group notify harvest
/group notify incapacitation
/group notify items
/group opions
/guild Sent


/harvest bone
/harvest hide
/harvest meat
/healthshot2 (Note: 2 is ?)
/help Sets













/mood none
/move back
/move down
/move forward
/move up
/movefurniture back
/movefurniture down
/movefurniture forward
/movefurniture up




/open - Used to open containers. ex. /open NameOfContainer


/pet attack
/pet follow
/pet followother
/pet formation
/pet friend
/pet group
/pet gruard
/pet patrol
/pet ranged attack
/pet special one
/pet special two
/pet stay
/pet store
/pet transfer




/rotate left
/rotate right
/rotate (-/+ 1-180 Ex: /rotate +90 <target>)


/showi - Brings up Instance Information box that tells you which instances you and your party are unflagged for and which ones you have done recently and when they will expire.
/startdance basic
/startdance basic2
/startdance exotic
/startdance exotic2
/startdance exotic3
/startdance exotic4
/startdance footloose
/startdance footloose2
/startdance formal
/startdance formal2
/startdance lyrical
/startdance lyrical2
/startdance poplock
/startdance popular
/startdance rhythmic
/startdance rhythmic2
/startmusic folk
/startmusic rock
/startmusic starwars1
/startmusic starwars2
/startmusic starwars3
/startmusic vitruoso
/startsong ceremonial




/ui action cycleTargetInward
/ui action cycleTargetNext
/ui action cycleTargetOutward
/ui action cycleTargetPrev
/ui action GameMenuActivate
/ui action radialMenu




/who [pleyer character's name]
/who [part of name]
/who [species]
/who lfg
/who helper
/who imperial
/who rebel


Place Marker for "X"


Place Marker for Y


Place Marker for Z
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