Colonel Darkstone

Colonel Darkstone

Located at the Imperial Oasis on Tatooine. -5313, 2663

Colonel Darkstone gives the Imperial Rescue Mission for the Corellian Corvette quest. Lvl 80 group

There are some scientists who agree whole-heartedly with the Empire's xenophobic views of the universe. One of these is Dr. Bledsoe, an Imperial expert in the field of disease and medicine. Dr. Bledsoe has been abducted by a group of Alliance terrorists, and is being whisked away for questioning at one of the Rebel insurgence camps. Someone must rescue him before it's too late.

An Imperial colonel who is on the verge of retirement heads the rescue operations. He feels it is his duty to make sure all Imperial hostages are freed before he gives up his post. The Colonel needs a group of ragtag Imperial supporters to board the Rebel blockade runner and make sure that Dr. Bledsoe is freed before any harm befalls him. Who knows what those ruthless Rebels will do to a poor scientist who can't even defend himself properly?

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