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Skill tree
Master Chef
Entrees IV Desserts IV Mixology IV Cooking IV
Entrees III Desserts III Mixology III Cooking III
Entrees II Desserts II Mixology II Cooking II
Entrees I Desserts I Mixology I Cooking I
Novice Chef

Profession Overview[edit | edit source]

The chef is the producer of a wide range of edibles that can enhance the HAM, skills, and abilities of players, as well as their pets.

This profession requires 93 skill points to master, 29 of which go towards prerequisites.

XP requirements to master, including prerequisites:

  • 29,700 General Crafting XP (granted for crafting any items certified under Artisan)
  • 819,200 Food Crafting XP (granted for crafting any items certified under Chef)

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

Training Novice Chef requires 19,200 General Crafting XP and one branch from Artisan:

You can find a Chef trainer in one of 8 locations:

Related Skill Mods[edit | edit source]

Schematics[edit | edit source]

Food[edit | edit source]

Soypro, Air Cake, Meatlump, Wastril Bread, Almond-Kwevvu Crisp Munchies, Blap Biscuit

Protato, Blood Chowder, Fried Endwa, Stewed Gwouch, Synthsteak, Cho-Nor-Hoola

Puk, Karkan Ribenes, Trimpian, Veghash, Fire Stew, Ormachek

Gruuvan Shaal, Havla, Scrimpi, Ahrisa, Patot Panak, Ramorrean Capanata

Vegeparsine, Bivoli Tempari, Braised Canron, Rakririan Burnout Sauce, Xermaauc, Terratta

Bantha Butter, Won-Won, Chandad, Puff Cake, Pastebread, Para Roll

Sweet Cake Mix, Parwan Nutricake, Pyollian Cake, Felbar, Nanana Twist, Dweezel

Citros Snow Cake, Gorrnar, Kiwik Clusjo Swirl, Wedding Cake, Ryshcate, Pikatta Pie

Corellian Fried Ice Cream, Glazed Glucose Pate, Vagnerian Canape, Cavaellin Creams, Smuggler's Delight, Sweesonberry Rolls

Tranna Nougat Cream, Thakitillo, Deneelian Fizz Pudding, Vercupti of Agazza Boleruuee

Drink[edit | edit source]

Alcohol, Charde

Sullustan Gin, Deuterium-pyro, Bantha Blaster, Corellian Ale, Gralinyn Juice, Blue Milk

Kylessian Fruit Distillate, Ithorian Mist, Tatooine Sunburn, Veronian Berry Wine, Corellian Brandy, Cortyg, Durindfire

Aludium pu36, Accarragm, Antakarian Fire Dancer, Garrmorl, Ice Blaster, T'ssolok, Vasarian Brandy

Bespin Port, Skannbult Likker, Vayerbok, Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud, T'illa-T'iil, Double-Dip Outer Rim Rumdrop

Flameout, Breath of Heaven, Angerian Fishak Surprise

Community Information[edit | edit source]

Profession Name Correspondent: Higginsis
Former Correspondents:

  • sciguyCO
  • SirVimes

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