Charal Nightsister

Charal is a Nightsister, who can be found in the Marauder's Stronghold on Endor. She is involved in the Marauder Themepark series of quests

Star Wars LoreEdit

Charal was an exiled Dathomiri Nightsister and was travelling with a group of pirates, the Sanyassan Marauders, when their ship crashed on the forest moon of Endor, leaving them stranded there. She disliked being on the isolated moon and wanted to somehow get off it.

When the Imperial scouting party that discovered Endor was captured and imprisoned by the Marauders, Charal tried to arrange her own escape. King Terak learned of this, and imprisoned the Dathomiri witch.

When the Towani family starship crashed on Endor in 3 ABY, the Marauders stole the ship's crystal oscillator (which Terak called "the power") and killed its owners. Since Charal was unable to do anything with it, Terak sent her to hunt down the last member of the Towani family, Cindel, the newly-orphaned youngest child. Charal had convinced Terak that Cindel would know the secrets of "the power." Charal used her shapeshifting abilities to turn into a raven and tracked Cindel down, but when Cindel insisted that she did not know anything about "the power", Terak sent her to be imprisoned and seized Charal's ring. Eventually, the ring was destroyed while Terak was wearing it around his neck, unleashing its powers on the Marauder leader and burning him to crisp. Because of this, Charal was locked in her animal form of a raven.

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