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Champions of the Force

The release of Champions of the Force marks the first ever Star Wars trading card game offered exclusively online. Available only through a valid, active, fully-paid subscription to Star Wars Galaxies, Champions of the Force provides Star Wars Galaxies subscribers an entirely new gameplay experience by combining the challenge of a trading card game with the adventures and community of the massively multiplayer game. For the first time, players can:

  • Choose between the light and dark sides of the Force and build their own Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game decks to fight virtual matches for the Rebel or Imperial factions;
  • Challenge their skills in story-based solo-play or against other Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game players in epic one-on-one matches, cooperative Heroic Encounters, and official tournaments;
  • Find more than 20 “loot” cards in the first release, Champions of the Force that can be redeemed for fantastic virtual items for use within the Star Wars Galaxies massively multiplayer game;
  • Adventure in Star Wars Galaxies and collect desirable cards that enhance their virtual trading card game deck.

All Star Wars Galaxies subscribers with valid, active, fully-paid accounts in good standing are scheduled to receive five Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game booster packs per month, included at no additional cost, as part of their valid monthly subscription to the game, providing a simple way for players to quickly and easily build their decks. In addition, all subscribers will be able to purchase booster packs and starter decks through Sony Online Entertainment’s Station Store at www.store.station.sony.com.

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When a landspeeder crashes in a remote part of Dantooine, a hidden cache of Jedi artifacts is found. One of them is a broken holocron called the Codex of Tython. Recording thousands of years of technological accomplishments, several missing fragments will make it operational again. This priceless find will become a boon for the Rebel Alliance or a weapon for domination by the Galactic Empire.

Light Side Campaign: Constructing the Codex[]

You've found the Codex of Tython on Dantooine, but now you have to find the fragments to complete it. It's an important resource for the Rebel Alliance, and now it's up to you to complete this important mission.

Scenario 1: Escape from Dantooine![]

Ambushed by a squad of stormtroopers, you must fight your way to the spaceport.

As you emerge from the dark chamber of relics beneath the surface of Dantooine, the sunlight stings your eyes. Carrying the Codex of Tython wrapped in a tarp, you eye the horizon. It seems that no one was aware of the crash of your landspeeder in this remote location. Warily, you start the long trek back to the spaceport.

After a day's travel, you're making good progress. That night, you're surprised by the sounds of something approaching. Hoping it's an animal, you hear instead the metallic voice of a stormtrooper's comlink. 'The perimeter is secured, sir.'

An Imperial officer steps forth from the growing circle of white-armored soldiers. 'I am Captain Adrick, servant of the Empire.' A slight nod and a wry smile betray his confidence. 'We detected the crash of your speeder in a routine patrol. We found the cache, but it was empty.' His demeanor becomes intense as he barks out his demands. 'You have something I want. I intend to take it. Give it to me now, and we'll let you go.'

Standing to your feet, you gather the Codex in one hand. 'I have no love for the Empire,' you begin. 'And no reason to believe you'll let me leave alive, whether I do what you say or not.' You draw your weapon, ready to fight. 'If you want this, you'll have to kill me first.'

Adrick actually sighs a little and says quietly, 'Very well, if that's what you want.' Then he gives a simple order to his troops: 'Kill this fool. Take the relic.'

The troopers of Captain Adrick were many, but their poor training and lack of motivation were no match for your courage. They seemed to lose track of you, and you were able to make your escape into the night.

Soon, you meet a lone woman on the road. You are somewhat startled, having not noticed her approach. She is a Zabrak, and dressed in simple brown robes. She raises her hand in peace before speaking. 'I am Drakka Judarrl. I helped you escape. Please let me speak with you.' She seems sincere, and you immediately trust her. You put away your weapon and allow her to speak.

'I am a Jedi. I clouded the minds of those Imperials to allow you to get away. Then she asks, 'Did you find the Codex? My father searched for it for many years. I have a fragment myself.' She holds a small crystal in her hand. 'Here, let me show you.'

Drakka takes the Codex and inserts the crystal into one of its many sockets. An image activates on the surface of the holocron. It shows a Zabrak, a Dark Jedi by the look of him. 'His name is Mellichae,' she begins. 'The image shows him on Dathomir. You must go there to find another codex fragment. You must complete the Codex and return it to the Alliance.'

Scenario 2: The Sith Shadows[]

Your next destination is Dathomir to question Mellichae, the Dark Jedi held prisoner there, to find another holocron fragment.

Arriving on Dathomir, you go to the village of Aurilia, where the Dark Jedi you seek is reported to be held prisoner. Captain Sarguillo, the Zabrak with a long history of defending the town, has only bad news.

'Stormtroopers attacked the jail two nights ago. Mellichae made good his escape,' says Sarguillo, through clenched teeth. 'It was my job to hold him here, and I've failed.'

He takes a deep breath and continues. 'I believe he is in one of the caves to the north.' He points to a local map on the wall. 'I must remain in Aurilia to keep the peace, but I can deputize you to bring Mellichae back. He's probably rejoined those armed thugs, the Sith Shadows.'

You tell the Captain, 'Don't worry, we'll have this Dark Jedi back in custody soon.' You give Sarguillo a hearty handshake and leave on your mission.

Climbing into the hills, you find the coordinates supplied by Sarguillo. You find humanoid tracks. Examining the cave with your electrobinoculars, you detect no activity.

Then a Zabrak with a cybernetic arm shows himself - the Dark Jedi you seek. Behind him are several cloaked figures, most certainly some of his Sith Shadows.

Arming yourself, you step forward. 'Mellichae! I come here as a deputized agent of Captain Sarguillo,' you announce. 'I am here to return you to custody!'

Mellichae says, 'I have had enough of the good Captain's hospitality.' The forest is so quiet you can hear the whine of his mechanical arm. 'I dispatched Adrick's troopers, and you are next.' He ignites his lightsaber.

Without warning, the Dark Jedi leaps toward you to attack. At the same time, his Sith Shadows begin firing their blasters. The most difficult part of your task has just begun.

The clearing outside the cave is littered with the fallen bodies of the Sith Shadows. Mellichae is disarmed, and you have placed him in shackles. 'You and I have some special business' you say to the defeated Dark Jedi. 'You have a fragment of the Codex of Tython, and I need to recover it.'

"Do you expect me to help you find it?' asks Mellichae bitterly.

"I'm learning more each day about how to operate this holocron,' you reply, taking the Codex from your backpack. As you hold the device in both hands, images flicker on its surface. The Zabrak's eyes widen as he sees it.' Sometimes, I think it's talking to me.'

Walking toward the cave, the images begin to slow. Among the crates and containers inside, the Codex starts to glow. You find one spot that glows most brightly, accompanied by a steady hum. You blast open the container and find the fragment within.

Installing this shard into the Codex, you see a vision appear on the new fragment. It shows a woman riding a Rancor beast, and you recognize her as one of the Witches of Dathomir.

Scenario 3: Nightsisters[]

You discover that Axkva Min, one of the Witches of Dathomir, has been locked away in the Chamber of Banishment and she has another Codex fragment.

Captain Sarguillo greets you with congratulations. The Dark Jedi Mellichae is again an unwilling guest of Aurilia. Without mentioning the Codex, you show the Captain your image of the Dathomir witch.

Sarguillo puts a hand to his chin in thought. 'That is Axkva Min, queen of the Nightsisters,' he begins, using the other name for the Force-sensitive witches. 'She is imprisoned in a Chamber of Banishment. Getting to her will be difficult. You'll need a key to enter the Nightsister stronghold.' He provides you with the Key of Exile you need.

Days later, you travel through cavernous chambers to cross a bridge and reach the Chamber of Banishment. Weapon drawn, you cautiously enter. You find several Nightsisters guarding a large crystal which contains the essence of Axkva Min trapped within. 'Begone, interloper,' says one of the Nightsisters to you.

'Axkva Min has something I need. I must speak with her.' You take the Codex out of your backpack.

'She is imprisoned for a reason,' says another Nightsister. 'We are here to make sure she remains so.'

'It seems we are at cross purposes,' you say, watching the Codex vibrate and glow.

'Then you will die here,' says one of the Witches.

A bolt of energy suddenly arcs from the Codex to the crystal. With a crash, the crystal is destroyed, and the shimmering form of Axkva Min takes shape. Her eyes fill with malevolence as she ignites her lightsaber. 'Who dares awaken me?'

You must now defeat the Nightsisters and their Queen together to get the next holocron fragment.

Her Nightsister warders defeated, Axkva Min kneels before you. 'You have released me, but humbled me in defeat. Take my life, it is yours.' She spreads her hands wide and bows her head, expecting a final stroke to dispatch her. 'A preferable fate to eternal imprisonment.'

You put away your weapon, holding the Codex in your other hand. You approach the Nightsister Queen, and lift her head to face you. 'I will not kill you, Min.' The Codex glows, and so does a crystal on a chain around the witch's neck. 'I want only this,' you add, reaching forward to snap the chain and take the crystal.

'Tython's Codex!' she breathes, looking hungrily at the holocron you hold. 'What secrets it must hold!'

You fit the fragment into another socket on the Codex, and images flash on its surface. At the same time, another arc of energy jumps from the Codex to the banishment crystal. The figure of Axkva Min shimmers and she is transported inside again. The scattered pieces of the crystal reform themselves with her essence inside. Once again, the Queen of the Nightsisters is trapped within.

On the surface of the holocron, an image of an Imperial admiral on the bridge of a Star Destroyer flickers to life. You don't recognize the officer, but you resolve to find out who he is and how to get to him.

Scenario 4: Hutt Hijack[]

Investigations lead you to the smuggler Ubis Reendorr. To convince him to divulge what he knows, you must hijack a shipment of battle droids from Shalera, the Hutt crime lord.

With little to go on, you travel to many planets trying to discover the identity of the Imperial officer in the holocron image. Desperate for information, you progress from more reputable sources to those of questionable legality.

Finally, your search leads you to a Rodian smuggler on Corellia named Ubis Reendorr. His numerous 'business' contacts make many kinds of information available to him.

'As a matter of fact,' says Reendoor, 'I do have some contacts that will be able to discover that officer's identity.' He reclines in his comfortable office chair. 'Before I contact them, however, you need to do a small favor for me.'

Your eyes narrow and your jaw clenches as you realize you have nowhere else to turn. 'Go on,' you reply.

It's hard to tell with a Rodian, but he seems to be smiling. 'A shipment of battle droids, headed for one of my clients, has been hijacked. I want you to recover it for me. In the meantime, I'll utilize my sources - at no small personal risk to myself - to find out what you want to know.'

Three days later, you find yourself on the other side of Corellia, sneaking into a Hutt warehouse. The shipment of battle droids is there, ready to be loaded onto a shuttle for transport off the planet.

Peering over some large cargo containers, you're surprised to see the infamous crime boss, Shalera the Hutt, personally overseeing the loading of the contraband. A dozen or more of her pirates and thugs are doing the actual manual labor.

A voice rings out clearly over the hum of the repulsor loaders, 'Hey! There's somebody up here!' Blaster bolts start to fire from all corners of the warehouse, and you know there will be only one way to end this.

When the shootout ends, Shalera has escaped. You've defeated her guards, and they've all scattered. You have no trouble commandeering the shipment and bringing it to Reendorr as he instructed.

He seems surprised to see you. You get the idea that he didn't think you could get the job done. 'By the way, Reendorr,' you begin, 'according to the manifests for this shipment, it wasn't hijacked. In fact, there's a good chance that I just stole it from its rightful owners to bring it to you.'

The Rodian pauses for a second, startled. Then he says, 'Let's not quibble about the details, my friend! A job well done for whatever reason.' He waves his hand, like he's making all the problems go away, charming and despicable at the same time. 'I have that information you wanted right here.'

You both take a seat in his office, after he closes the door. 'So I hear you're looking for holocron fragments,' he begins. At your obvious surprise, he adds, 'No, no, it's okay, I won't let this get around. Anyway, your friend here is, in fact, a Grand Admiral. His name is Andal Sait. He's the captain of the Star Destroyer Blackguard. Rumor has it he might have one of these items in his personal trophy room.'

The smuggler shows you some holos to back up his claim, and they look authentic. You slump back in the chair in despair. 'How will I get aboard an Imperial capital ship?' you wonder aloud.

'Hey, who's your buddy, man?' asks Reendorr. 'I can smuggle you aboard in a supply shipment, and then you contact Chief Engineer Olum. I've dealt with him before, you can trust him. After that, you're on your own.'

Scenario 5: The Grand Admiral[]

When you return, Ubis tells you that more of the Codex fragments are held by the captain of the Star Destroyer Blackguard, Grand Admiral Andal Sait.

You decide to go along with Reendorr's plan. You'll be smuggled inside a cargo container with a shipment of bacta, which has to remain in normal atmosphere. This is reassuring, since most cargo holds are cold vacuum.

It's comfortable enough for the few hours you have to spend inside. Finally, you hear the 'secret knock' you were instructed to wait for, and spring the door to get out.

You meet Chief Engineer Olum, the man that the smuggler told you about. He hands you a datapad. 'Here's a layout of the ship,' he says. 'The item you're looking for must be here, just off the Admiral's office.'

As you stand up, Olum says, 'Straighten your uniform, this ain't the Rebel Alliance!' Then the old man cracks a smile and claps a hand on your shoulder. 'Good luck to you.'

Trying to look busy, you walk through the corridors of the huge Star Destroyer. You nod and keep moving when anyone takes notice of you.

The only problem on the route is a large common area near the port side main airlock. Olum said he didn't know if there would be anyone in there. As you arrive, you find a dozen crewmen working at various tasks. You also see Grand Admiral Sait himself, speaking with another officer and a few stormtroopers.

You think you're going to make it through without incident until you get a good look at the officer. It's Adrick. Your heart jumps into your throat, but you keep walking, hoping he didn't notice.

'Stop right there!' cries Adrick, pointing directly at you. The stormtroopers ready their carbines. You'll have to fight your way out past the Grand Admiral now.

The battle is fast and furious. Your forces get the upper hand and capture Adrick. The remaining Imperials, including Grand Admiral Sait, disperse. It's certain they're heading for reinforcements, so you have to act quickly.

Even in defeat, Adrick is defiant. 'They'll be back in no time. You don't really expect to escape, do you?'

You begin going through the pockets of Adrick's uniform. 'You already have it, don't you? You haven't had time to hide it elsewhere.'

'What are you doing? I don't know what you're talking about!' cries Adrick. Then you find the Admiral's holocron fragment. Adrick quiets down, but shoots you an angry glare.

'You probably played to the Admiral's ego and toured his little trophy room. Then you took this when he wasn't looking. Thanks for saving me the trouble!' You pocket the fragment and grab your weapon. 'Time to get out of here.'

Rushing to the nearby airlock, you find a shuttle docked, and Chief Engineer Olum is there. 'I've adjusted the transponder, and I'll cover your escape from here.' Thanking the Chief once again, you board the shuttle and make a hasty exit, heading for a nearby planet.

Safely away, you insert the Admiral's fragment into the last remaining socket of the holocron. Images flash with a new intensity, and you gape at the wonders within. You're anxious to return it to your Rebel contacts on Dantooine so that the Alliance can begin to analyze the completed Codex of Tython.

Dark Side Campaign: Building the Weapon[]

Imperial Security agents who have infiltrated the Rebel Alliance report that a holocron of ancient history called the Codex of Tython has been reassembled and taken to Dantooine for safekeeping. It is believed that this relic contains the plans for a shipboard super weapon that could be important to the Empire's fleet - or the captain of the Blackguard.

Scenario 1: Capture the Holocron[]

Journeying to Dantooine, you battle a Jedi to capture the Codex of Tython for the Empire.

You arrive on Dantooine and begin to collect information, looking for clues as to the whereabouts of the Codex of Tython. Interrogating the locals provides a tip that a Jedi Zabrak lives in a cave in a remote area.

After a lengthy search, you find what must be this hidden cavern. You have gathered from your intelligence that the woman is dangerous and may be accompanied by Rebel troops.

You are surprised when the woman steps forth from the cave to face you. 'I am Drakka Judarrl,' she begins haughtily. 'You have no business here. Leave, before something unfortunate happens.'

You laugh out loud. 'I haven't come this far to be turned away by a simple request. Your Jedi tricks are not that powerful.' You notice behind her several troopers with guns. These must be the Rebels that Imperial agents traced to Dantooine.

'Remember always that you brought this upon yourselves,' says Judarrl, igniting her lightsaber. Her defiance is impressive, though it will prove ultimately futile. The Rebels begin to move out of the cavern.

'Your Rebel Alliance will remember this day when the Empire captured the Codex of Tython,' you declare. Motioning your forces forward in an attack, you add, 'Let's get this done.'

As an archaeologist experienced with such ancient recording devices, you are able to examine the holocron and activate it. The surfaces of the object flash with many images of all kinds of worlds and cultures. Your mind is dazzled by the assortment of wonders it portrays.

You are intrigued by the plans for a massive device that moves asteroids. Evidently the Jedi planned to use this tractor beam for mining purposes, placing ore-bearing planetoids in easier reach for advanced civilizations to construct skyscrapers and power plants.

You immediately begin to imagine the military applications of this asteroid mover. Such a device could crush a starship with its power or be used to bombard a planet with asteroids.

Pleased with your most precious acquisition, you wonder who might make best use of such a device. Clearly, the possession of this completed weapon would make its owner a key player in the fate of the Empire and the galaxy itself.

Scenario 2: A Focusing Crystal[]

A two-bit smuggler on Kashyyyk has a rare artifact you need to fashion a focusing crystal for the World Killer.

The reputation of Grand Admiral Andal Sait, captain of the Star Destroyer Blackguard, identifies him as someone who would be interested in the Codex of Tython. In a secret location on Dantooine, you contact Sait, explaining the 'asteroid mover.'

The flickering holo of the Admiral laughs sardonically. 'Asteroid mover? Is that what they call it? World Killer is more like it! Ah, those Jedi, so lacking in ambition.'

'Not like you and I,' you reply. 'I assume you're interested?'

'You clearly have something of value. However, I don't know you, so it's hard for me to trust you.' The Admiral thinks for a moment. 'Find a focusing crystal - I'm sure it's detailed in the plans - and bring it to me with the Codex. Then I'll know you're sincere.'

'Yes, Admiral! I'll be in touch soon to arrange a meet.' As the Admiral's holo flickers and dies, you wonder where you're going to find such a crystal. You decide it's worth the effort to please such an influential officer in the Empire's fleet.

After days of visiting spaceports, you hear that a two-bit smuggler on Kashyyyk has acquired a Krayt dragon pearl, which could be the crystal you need.

'Just 'cause you got the drop on me don't mean I got to roll over for you!' In a dark corner of a spaceport on Kashyyyk, you hold your weapon threateningly toward a smuggler named 'Shady' Pers. 'I've got friends in high places!' he adds.

'I bet you attend all the fancy parties,' you begin.

'That's not what I meant.' Pers snaps his fingers, and thugs jump down from every nearby rooftop to stand behind him. 'Now who's got the drop on who?'

The many acquaintances of 'Shady' Pers quickly tired of the battle when it started to go your way. They're nowhere to be seen. Only 'Shady' remains, hands tied and stumbling down a dark alley in the spaceport in front of your brandished weapon.

'You know, we can still make a deal here,' he begins. 'I can get you just about anything you want.' Still thinking, still dealing, Pers keeps trying to talk his way out of trouble.

'All I want is that package from Tatooine you recently received,' you say, poking him further down the street. Pers glances over his shoulder, surprised at your comment, and that shuts him up.

Shortly thereafter, you have left Pers tied and gagged in his warehouse office. In a shipping crate, you carry a white pearl the size of a human head, taken from the gizzard of a Krayt dragon. Worth easily a hundred thousand credits, these rare crystals can be used in lightsabers. They're also described in the specifications for the focusing crystals in the World Killer tractor beam.

Scenario 3: The Jedi Exile[]

A Human Jedi teacher hiding out at Tansarri Point Station has knowledge of the methods to polish and shape the Krayt pearl you have acquired.

According to what you can puzzle out from the blueprints for the World Killer tractor beam, the Krayt pearl that you've obtained needs polishing. Not just any polishing either, but a special technique known to few practitioners.

This sends you on another fact-finding mission. The trail leads to a Jedi hiding out at Tansaari Point Station. Supposedly this human is a teacher to users of the Force, and his name is Nos'lyn.

In a remote corner of the station, on a lower level, you find the one you seek. You hail him as he walks down the street. 'Teacher! I'd like to hire you for a little job.'

Nos'lyn stops and turns warily, regarding you with suspicion. 'I'm not interested,' he says flatly.

'Ever seen one of these?' you say, revealing the Krayt pearl.

'I'm not interested,' he repeats. 'Take your business elsewhere.'

'Look, I don't know anybody else who can polish this crystal, so you're gonna have to do if for me.' You pull out your weapon and put the pearl away.

'You don't want to do this,' says the Jedi, pulling something from beneath his robes. For a moment, you think maybe he's right. But then, like a mist, that thought passes.

'I don't want to kill you, but I'll convince you if I have to,' you declare. As you approach Nos'lyn to attack, his lightsaber suddenly ignites.

'Enough!' cries Nos'lyn, and he turns off his lightsaber and throws it aside. 'I'll do what you want, you don't have to torture me.'

'So you do know how to polish a Krayt dragon pearl?' you ask.

'I have no idea why you would want to make a lightsaber, but yes, I do know the technique.' Even in defeat, Nos'lyn stands straight and composes himself.

'It's not for a hand weapon. It's for something much larger than that.' You show him the Codex of Tython, one side displaying the plans for the 'asteroid mover.'

The human's eyes grow wide. 'You have no idea what you have in your hand there. That is a priceless artifact.'

'That's not your concern, Jedi,' you say. 'Just do the job you're asked to do.'

Over the next few days, you supervise the work that Nos'lyn does in his small workshop. You keep a sharp eye out for any funny business, but the Jedi keeps to his part of the bargain. Soon, you have a finely polished focusing crystal for the World Killer, ready to deliver to the Grand Admiral.

Scenario 4: CorSec Attack[]

An agent of Corellian Security takes the Codex of Tython from you at blaster point. You must fight him to recover it.

Contacting the Grand Admiral once more, you arrange a shuttle trip to meet with him aboard the Blackguard. Arriving at the spaceport with the focusing crystal and the Codex of Tython in a secure metal case, you approach the boarding platform for the shuttle.

Suddenly, you feel the muzzle of a blaster pistol in your back. A voice from behind you quietly says, 'Don't move. Not if you want to keep on living. I'll take that case.' A hand removes the case from your grip.

You turn to see a shady character, still holding the pistol trained on your midsection. 'Jasper, Mack Jasper. CorSec.' He nods slightly and grins. 'I understand you have something here that the Rebel Alliance is very interested in.'

'What kind of CorSec agent are you that introduces himself?' you ask, as you watch him carefully for an opening.

'Actually, I'm a very good one-' he begins, and that's when you knock away his pistol and pull your weapon.

'We'll see about that,' you add.

Jasper grabs his pistol with a quick snap roll, and the firefight begins.

Jasper wipes blood from his split lip as he looks up at you in defeat. You bend over to recover the case and say, 'Not good enough this time, Jasper.'

'We're not done here, not by a long shot,' says the CorSec agent, trying to sound defiant.

'We're done for now. See ya later.' You pocket his pistol and leave him sitting on the ground, making your way toward the shuttle platform.

Scenario 5: His Newest Acquisition[]

The World Killer is installed aboard the Blackguard. Grand Admiral Sait shows off his newest acquisition - a prototype battle droid.

Meeting with Grand Admiral Andal Sait aboard the Star Destroyer Blackguard, you deliver to him the Krayt pearl focusing crystal and the Codex of Tython.

'My faith in you was justified,' beams the Admiral, shaking your hand vigorously. 'With the addition of the final focusing crystal, the World Killer will soon be operational. In fact,' continues the Admiral, 'I would like to include you in the unveiling of my newest acquisition at a ceremony here this evening.' Intrigued, you agree.

You are present with officers and dignitaries aboard the Blackguard when the Admiral conducts his pompous ceremony. 'I have been able to acquire many unusual artifacts in my many travels,' he begins. 'One of the finest is my most recent prize, recovered by my devoted troops on Mustapha.'

With a dramatic flourish, a curtain is removed and a huge mechanical creation is revealed. 'I present to you, my friends, the CY-M Prototype Battle Droid.' The droid stands with a large vibro-axe in an imitation of an Imperial soldier at attention.

Unknown to all the guests, a group of undercover CorSec slicers aboard the Star Destroyer altered the programming of the droid. Just as the viewers rise to their feet with polite applause, the eyes of the droid are illuminated.

As the Prototype begins to whine with activation, a murmur of terror passes through the crowd. The droid grasps its vibro-axe with both hands and assumes a combat stance. As stormtroopers stationed at the doorways begin to react, the droid jumps into the crowd and starts swinging its weapon in a merciless arc.

The battle prowess of the mighty battle droid is too much for you to overcome. However, you are able to push it back into a nearby airlock. When CY-M crouches to avoid heavy blaster fire from the remaining stormtroopers, you hit the emergency close button for the airlock.

The droid immediately realizes what's happening. Even as the doors are coming to a close, its massive vibro-axe crashes against the window in the airlock door. Spidery cracks appear. CY-M is banging viciously against the inner airlock door when the outer door snaps open. A rush of atmosphere sweeps the droid into space, where it slowly turns in the void. The battle droid seems to become smaller and smaller as it plummets away from the Blackguard.

'Now for the first demonstration of the World Killer,' announces the Grand Admiral in a proud, booming voice. A massive hum comes from somewhere in the Star Destroyer as a bright blue beam stabs toward CY-M Prototype. The droid stops suddenly, and actually struggles against the force of the tractor beam. Then the beam glows more brightly, and the droid is crushed, as if by a mighty hand, into worthless scrap. It moves no more.

Happy Live Day (promotional scenario)[]

A scurrilous smuggler has gathered all the Orga root that Wookiees use to celebrate their most important holiday. Return the roots to their rightful owners so that Life Day can continue.

You often find yourself spending time in a spaceport. It's unusual to find a Wookiee in a long, red robe, accompanied by a protocol droid, talking to various people there. Curiosity gets the better of you, and you can't help but inquire as to what they're looking for.

'My name is Tebeurra, and it's true I am far from my home on Kashyyyk.' The Wookiee speaks in his native Shyriiwook, but the droid quickly translates. 'I ask for your help in recovering some lost items. The smuggler 'Shady' Pers has stolen all the Orga root on Kashyyyk, and we must recover it before the Life Day holiday!'

He goes on to explain that the Wookiee celebration includes a spiritual passage to the Life Tree, and eating Orga root helps them complete this journey. You wave off the rest of the details and tell him, through the translator droid, that you're willing to help.

Just a few days later, you are watching the warehouse where 'Shady' Pers is storing all the shipments. Breaking into a rear entrance, you hope to sneak in and recover all the boxes one at a time.

Before you can grab the first crate, you hear the metallic voice of a Battle Droid. 'Intruder alert! Security breach!' The droid starts firing its blaster and your infiltration plans are ruined.

As you begin to defend yourself, a loud voice rings out through the facility. 'You'll never get past my droid guards!' says 'Shady' Pers over the loudspeaker. 'Surrender now and I'll let you live!'

You're sure from Shady's reputation that isn't a viable option. Your only chance now is to defeat his droid guards to rescue the Orga root for Life Day. Each crate is guarded by one droid, so you'll have to defeat them all to get all the Orga root.

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