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To start this collection speak with Kakirk at (/way 5356 -4138) in Aurilia on Dathomir. These can be found on Dathomir.


Reward: Player Title "Champion Rancor Killer" and a large amount of XP.


/way naboo 4318 -4781 Borvo's Vault;
  • 5 Youth, 2 Gnarled, 5 Mutant and 1 Ancient Bull Rancor can be found in the Mutant Rancor Cave (respawn time : 30 minutes)
/waypoint dathomir -4237 -2079 "Rancor Cave";
  • 1 Ancient Bull Rancor can be found at Destroyed Rebel Base (respawn time : 2 hours)
/waypoint dathomir -4750 -4700 "Destroyed Rebel Base";
  • Nightsister Rancors count as Rancors for this collection. However, Singing Mountain Clan Rancors do not.