Previous Quest: Chase an Escaped Murderer

Level: 27


  • 12601 Quest XP
  • 11989 credits
  • Pooja’s Grenade
  • Badge - RSF Lieutenant


You finally know where Hunnos Jarkey can be found. It's now time to go catch him.

Defeat the Naboo Pirates Hired by HunnosEdit

Hunnos Jarkey has hired some Naboo priates to protect and serve him. Take them down before going after Hunnos.

Go to the Ranch at (-6029 4675) and start killing. But remember NOT TO ATTACK HUNNOS YET or you'll have to wait for him to respawn.

Naboo Pirate SavagesEdit

Defeat Hunnos Jarkey's hired thugs, Naboo pirate savages.

Defeat 11 Naboo Pirate Savages (CL25)

Naboo Pirate ButchersEdit

Defeat the Naboo pirate butchers who are working for Hunnos Jarkey.

Defeat 12 Naboo Pirate Butchers (CL24)

Naboo Pirate MuggersEdit

Defeat the Naboo pirate muggers who were hired as muscle by Hunnos Jarkey.

Defeat 11 Naboo Pirate Muggers (CL24)

Defeat Hunnos JarkeyEdit

Hunnos Jarkey is at the Ranch. Bring him back to justice. (/way -6061, 4745) Defeat Hunnos Jarkey (CL28)

Report back to Lt. KhartoorEdit

Report back to Lt. Khartoor. She will be eager to hear about your success.

Talk to Lt. Khartoor.

Pooja Naberrie: Greetings, trooper. Word is that Hunnos Jarkey is no longer a threat thanks to you. Report back to me and fill me in on the details of your success.

Return to Pooja NaberrieEdit

Return to Pooja and tell her about your defeat of the escaped murderer, Hunnos Jarkey. That case is now closed.

Talk to Pooja Naberrie to complete the quest.

Next Quest: RSF Mainframe
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