Gavyn Sykes

Gavyn Sykes is found in the Keren starport on Naboo. He's Captain in the RSF's smuggling patrol.

/way naboo 1419 2761 Captain Gavyn Sykes

He's seeking help to counter the local smugglers with Borvo the Hutt's plots, a deadly virus and bioweapons in the background..

Arrest Zim Zam Blattis[edit | edit source]

Reward: 50 credits
Quest difficulty: 14

A Gungan smuggler of the name of Zim Zam Blattis (CL 14) is about to bring an unusual shipment of illegal carcasses to a nearby drop point.

Stop him and return to Gavyn.

The Berzerk Ikopi[edit | edit source]

Large Berzerk Ikopi

Reward: 100 credits
Quest difficulty: 48

Now, it seems that this Gungan smuggler gang is interested in capturing crazed animals suffering from an unknown virus, to possibly work on bioweapons.

You're asked to find and terminate a Large Berzerk Ikopi (CL 48) before the smugglers.

Haf Mandrox[edit | edit source]

Reward: 150 credits
Quest difficulty: 1/?

Gavyn Sykes discovered that the Gungan smuggler gang is directly taking orders from Haf Mandrox, one of Borvo the Hutt's lieutenants.

When you arrive at the given waypoint, you may be ambushed by a few gungan thugs or not. Talk to Haf and return to Gavyn.

The Gungan Leader[edit | edit source]

Reward: 200 credits
Quest difficulty: 24

It's getting worse. The animal carcasses smuggled by Borvo's Gungan gang are infected with a dangerous Berzerker Virus and supposed to be sent to Corellian bioengineers for researches on bioweapons.

You need to stop the Gungan Leader (CL 24) in charge of the next shipment.

Now I'm convinced you're a capable agent.

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