There are six total lessons over 24 total levels for the Captain:

  • Officer Expertise I -- Levels 46-49
    An officer's greatest strength is in the troops they command. Calling in artillery fire can quickly turn the tide of battle.
  • Officer Expertise II -- Levels 50-53
    Issued only to Officers, the white phosporus grenade causes havoc on the battlefield and must be used with great care.
  • Officer Expertise III -- Levels 54-57
    Learning to concentrate your fire at a specific target will increase your effectiveness.
  • Officer Expertise IV -- Levels 58-61
    Dire times breeds heroes. An Officer who sacrifices themselves to save their comrades will always be remembered.
  • Officer Expertise V -- Levels 62-65
    Expertise and rank give you access to new equipment, the Deuterium Bomb is the potent new weapons in your arsenal.
  • Officer Expertise VI -- Levels 66-69
    Indirect fire can surprise an opponent doing more damage than a direct assault. Proper use of your Volley Fire tactics will be devastating.

After passing the sixth lesson and 69th level, the Captain may then work toward the Commander rank.

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