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Structure: Cantina
Number of lots required: 5
Capacity of structure in items: 400
Operating costs: 30/h

A Cantina is a structure where you can buy a drink, relax, and watch or listen to Entertainers.

Entertainers can give Inspiration buffs while dancing or playing music in the Cantina.

The most famous Cantina in Star Wars is Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine.

Cantinas can be found in many static cities. On advanced planets, the Cantina and Hospital may be combined to one structure, a Tavern, which has the benefits of both.

Player cities can also have player Cantinas. These structures are most often the most popular for players to meet--both citizens and visitors. The structure owner can limit entry to specific people or guilds, making them ideal for protection against GCW opponents.

A Player City must be of rank 2 (Village) before a Cantina can be placed.

Player Cantinas can be crafted by an Trader (Structures) with Structure Expertise IV and must be placed by a Master Dancer or Master Muscian with enough open lots available. These structures come in three types, depending on which planet your city is on.

In order to quickly find a Cantina that has an entertainer inside, check the Planetary Map. Any Cantina that is registered by a Entertainer will have a sun icon next to it. To register at a location, type /register while in the Cantina. This will show up to everyone on the planetary map until you leave the structure or you log out. Note that the player city must be registered on the planetary map for this function to work for a player cantina.