The Build-A-Buff Workshop is an Entertainer specific collection, introduced in Game Update 1 . To complete it, an entertainer must get credit for giving inspiration buffs to 30 players of each profession, not including Entertainer.

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Completing the CollectionEdit

Getting credit for a buff is not guaranteed. Firstly, a two-hour "lockout" is placed on a player when given a buff, and re-buffing (by ANY entertainer) during that period will not grant collection credit, although it will not extend the lockout timer. SWGLegends has a lower lockout duration of roughly 30 minutes.

If the inspired player is not currently under "lockout", then there is still only a 50% chance that the buff will count.

Originally, the percentage chance for getting a collection update "credit" for any given buff was quite low. It was later increased to a stated 50% chance, however, in Game Update 1.1.

Collection RewardEdit

Once the collection is completed, the player will be given a Beast Knowledge: Dancing Pet item. This single-use item will allow the player to learn the ability to train their pets. Whilst this item is tradeable, it is unknown if it can be used by players that have not completed the collection (or even by non-Entertainers).

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Dancing Pet Ability

Once learned, a player can then teach any number of pets they own the Dancing Pet ability, as they would any other pet skill. It is then activated via the Pet command bar, and provides the Entertainer with a single buff with the following effects:

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Dancing Pet buff

  • +2 minute duration ticks - increases the entertainers duration ticks by 2 minutes, to 16 (or 17 with the Bracelet of Inspired Status).
  • +30 minute buff duration cap - increases the total buff duration cap by 30 minutes, allowing a maximum duration of ~6 hours (actual entertainer expertise may differ).
  • Whilst the buff is active, the players pet will perform trick 1 or trick 2 whenever the entertainer flourishes.

Once applied, the buff lasts for 15 minutes (or until cancelled), but can be reapplied immediately. If the pet is stored, the buff will be removed.