Bren Kingal

Bren Kingal lives in Mos Taike on Tatooine, a "backwater town on the galaxy's backwater-iest world."

/way tatooine 3770 2345 Bren Kingal;

Bren recruits you to perform what appears to be a number of minor law enforcement tasks for the town. Bren is actually a Rebel sympathizer using you to take out Imperial informants, ISB staff, and other servants of the Empire. But at least he's providing rare food decorations...

Mission 1, "Thark"[edit | edit source]

Remember, this Aqualish- one of those tusk-face guys, stole a shield generator. He may be using it for defence, so let fly with everything you've got. Bring back the generator, okay?

Go to the provided waypoint (3734 2831) and kill Thark (CL36). Bring the recovered Shield Generator back to Bren.

Thark: Don't attack, you stupid lout, I'm an Imperial informant! I confiscated this generator from an insipid thief before it reached the Rebels. I- argh, never mind, I'd rather kill you!

Rewards: 30 credits, Worrt Casserole

Mission 2, "Kli Sithrin"[edit | edit source]

Kli Sithrin is in town, that big Sullustan gangster in... Anchorhead I think. He stole a medpack right out of a little girl's hand. Doesn't that make your blood burn? If you take this guy out of circulation, I'll cheer you on. Bring me the medpack, and I'll give it back to the little girl. Okay?

Hey, that's really friendly. Look for a tough Zabrak with orange skin and slashing tattoos on his face. Even his horns have got horns, they say, so watch out. Bring the medpack back here.

Funny enough, the target turns out to be a blue-skinned Twi'lek. Go to the provided waypoint (4207 2161) and kill Kli Sithrin (CL16). Bring the recovered Stamina Medpack back to Bren.

Kli Sithrin: That's close enough. What brings you here? A stolen medpack? I stole no medpack. If you must know, I'm meeting here with an ISB official. Hold on, I told you an Imperial secret. Now I suppose I'll have to kill you. Mangler, attack!

Rewards: 30 credits, Bantha Steak Soup

Mission 3, "Jespral Farandan"[edit | edit source]

Jespral Farandan, a big figure in an offworld terrorist ring, is hiding out near here. Best hideout in the galaxy, really. But he's planning a new attack, and he has information crucial to our defenses, so it would be great if you could stop him, okay?

This Farandan- I should warn you, he's wearing a Rebel Alliance uniform. But trust me, he's not a Rebel. Hey, I'm not trying to start a political discussion here; he's just not, that's all. If you find a datadisk on him, you'll bring that back here, right?

Go to the provided waypoint (4569 2445) and kill Jespral Farandan (CL16). Bring the recovered Farandan's datadisk back to Bren.

Jespral Farandan: So. I must say, those Rebel scum found me out remarkably quickly. I'm about to make my first report to the ISB. In it I shall recount your death.

Rewards: 30 credits, Tusken Bread

Mission 4, "Trone Thanamiroc"[edit | edit source]

Word comes down from Mos Eisley that a known murderer and master of disguise, Trone Thanamiroc, is on another homicidal killing spree. Someone has to stop him, but I'm stuck here. Can you handle a tough target?

The Mos Eisley office planted a homing beacon on his vehicle, so you should be able to find him. Be sure to bring back proof of his defeat, like his helmet or something.

Go to the provided waypoint (3844 1715) and kill Trone Thanamiroc (CL23). Bring the recovered AT-ST pilot's helmet back to Bren.

Trone Thanamiroc: Finally you're here. Get this thing running, imbecile, or I'll have you beaten senseless. Wait- you're no repair engineer! A trap!

Rewards: 30 credits, Eopie Cream Pie

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