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Ryan404000 Ryan404000 29 May 2020

Concerning Server Specific Content

With the fact that we're in an entirely new age for SWG, that of emulators, it's only appropriate that we modify things on the wiki to make note of different server specific content. This would essentially just call for headers with Servers listed if the server makes changes to the content, so that we can see the original for it, plus how other servers whether pre-cu, cu, or post-nge, have modified or added it.

Included with that is categories, if an item is changed on a server, say SWGEmu for example, the category SWGEmu should be added, same goes with Legends, ProjectSWG, ect, if they make modifications to the item or readd it to the game then the page should be tagged with their server.

Using Strange Sith Holocron 4/5 (Waist Pack) as an e…

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Ryan404000 Ryan404000 21 May 2020


I've bit the bullet and created a Discord so we can begin coordinating efforts on this wiki, get things more up to date, get things modified so we can start having server specific content on the wiki and more!

Feel free to join!


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Ryan404000 Ryan404000 24 November 2019

Call for Content

Hello friends! I'm Ryan, the main admin for the SWG Wiki and have been for a while now. As part of sort of revitalizing this wiki, I want to get some new content going, which is why I'm asking -you-, the community of all the different servers to step up and help this out!

What I'm looking for:

  • Server specific content (Emu/Legends/Empire in flames, etc)
  • Live content/pages being updated and revamped to be more complete
  • More complete schematic pages.

Server Specific Content: If you make a page for something specific to a server, please put a disclaimer at the top of the page stating the following: This _________ comes from the SWGLegends/Empire in Flames/Your Server Here



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