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Taken from the Architect FAQ by Pawlin - This guide was updated by Kesssa [Tempest][]

Q-5.21: How do I make paintings? Where do I get the paintings?[]

A-5.21: Architects can make paintings by buying a limited 2 use schematic from the curator in the museum building in Bestine. Go to Bestine and find the building named Museum on the overhead map. To the left of the entrance there is a room with a curator in it. You can see the current painting on display on the wall just outside the curator's office. He will sell the schematic for 48k. The schematic requires Furniture III skill and is a limited 2 use schematic. So you learn the schematic and then after 2 uses it goes away. However you can use those uses to make manufacturing schematics for a total possible 2000 paintings per schematic. The paintings generally require hide and other common resources but the exact ingredients vary from painting to painting. Hide is usually the limiting factor so you might want to acquire some large stacks of hide to do factory runs.

Q-5.22: How long before another painting comes out? How can we vote on which painting we want next?[]

A-5.22:"Voting is optional and not required to buy the schematic." Each server gets a new painting every 28 days, plus some accumulated time from each server reset. This 28 day cycle is split into two 14 day segments: There is a two week period where people can vote on the artist they want for the next period and then a two week period of just buying. But you can also buy the last painting during the voting period. Once the new painting is out the older paintings can not be bought any longer, so it isn't a bad idea to buy some spares if you can. There are different paintings available on each server so your server might not have a painting found on another server. Some servers are bugged and can not get any painting. Paintings are now mostly repeats and there are only 15 available. You have to talk to the artist before you cast your vote for him (his name will only appear after you talk to him). Their locations and what they paint are found below:

Vanvi Hotne - Mos Eisley Lucky Despot Square [3312 -4655]

  • Boffa Plant
  • Raventhorn
  • Blumbush

Giaal Itotr - Mos Espa Hotel [-3101 2184]

  • Lucky Despot
  • Krayt Dragon Skeleton

Kahfr Oladi - Mos Eisley Bank [3475 -4970]

  • Close-up of Mon Calamari Eye 1
  • Close-up of Mon Calamari Eye 2

Kolka Zteht - Mos Entha [1521 3259]

  • Blue Leaf Temple
  • Residential House

Klepa Laeel - Mos Espa [-2768 2110]

  • Rainbow Berry Bush
  • Ronka Painting
  • Mattberry Plant

Boulo Siesi - Wayfar [-5239 -6566]

  • Abstract Painting of Golden Petals No. 1
  • Abstract Painting of Golden Petals No. 2
  • Abstract Painting of Golden Petals No. 3