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Location: /way lok 475 15 4766 Nym, strangely obsessed by proper rank protocols (for a pirate) wants to see if you are made of the right stuff to be a member of the Lok Revenants. He has built an Arena on the Ceiling of the building and wants you to wipe the floor with some of his nuisances. He sees this as a wonderful opportunity to eliminate some of the competition; you will be the instrument of their destruction.

Beat Opponents in ArenaEdit

The Arena

The Arena and the Referee

Quest Category: Nym's Theme Park

Level: 64

Description: Beat all opponents in Nym's Stronghold Arena.

Above and behind Nym is a ladder that leads up onto the roof of his stonghold. Use the radial menu to climb the ladder to the Arena (/way 474 20 4759). Once up there you should talk to the Arena Referee (/way 467 34 4810), who will spawn you five opponents to battle.

  • First Opponent - Spawns a Normal CL61 Unlucky Sulfur Lake Pirate (NPC)
  • Second Opponent - Spawns a Normal CL62 Clone of Scourge (Beast)
  • Third Opponent - Spawns a Normal CL63 Clone of Razor (Beast)
  • Fourth Opponent - Spawns a Normal CL65 Arena Droideka (Droid)
  • Fifth Opponent - Spawns a Elite CL65 Arena Champion (NPC)

Once all of the five opponents have been sent back to their maker, return to the stronghold using the nearby hatch and talk to Nym.

The glorious demise of Nym's enemies has convinced him that you are just the right guy for the job as Ambassador to Nym. He wants someone to talk to commoners and try and subjugate them to be less of an annoyance.

GU16 Arena Poster

Nym's Arena Poster

Note: Not Repeatable. Combat.

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