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In this guide you will learn a little about Pet happiness, and why you should keep your pet happy, You will also find a list of Leveling locations.


Supplements are very helpful tools, there are 14 different supplements aimed at different groups of pets. You can find a list of what beast uses what supplements here. It is recommended that you invest in these before you go about leveling your pet, because they greatly improve your XP. The best supplements will grant your pet and extra 500 or more XP per kill.

Be aware that pet supplements have "a dark side". They are very temping because of the beast XP gains they provide. If you use them too early in the beast's training, you are very likely to find yourself continuing to level your pet after it's reached CL 90, in order to gain the BFF (Best Friend Forever) loyalty rank that's required to train the highest rank of special beast attacks.


Note that there are two "strengths" of supplements. The first is the more common, and works for beasts below CL 75. The second strength is for beasts CL 75 and above.

Contact your favorite Munitions trader for these items.

Beast HappinessEdit

Another thing that can improve your beast's XP and stats slightly is their Mood, There is a range of happy moods, a content mood, and a range of unhappy moods. Your Beast's mood will vary depending on the food you give him, the last time you fed him, the planet that you are on, and what you are having him kill.

The only way to know if your beast likes an activity is to try it, or go there and find out. Some Beasts like to do tricks, others do not. Other things include being grouped, and if you are buffed or not.

Keeping your Beast Happy is the first step to having a Best Friend Forever.

Pet FoodsEdit

Leveling against Beasts Vs. HumanoidsEdit

There is a few pros and cons involved when leveling your beast against either humanoids or other beasts, so you should take them into consideration when choosing where you wish to grind, especially if you are AFK.

One pro of leveling against other beasts is that it can be a great way to learn specials for your pets. You can easily set up a macro to target the beast NPCs and initiate Creature Knowledge while you are AFK and even while your attack macro is running. Some of the cons are that you may want to be mindful of attacking creature nests that may be nearby and could cause too much aggro. As well, beasts don't tend to drop credits or electronic junk. They will instead usually drop less valuable organic junk (such as insect legs), some stat loot and can also quickly fill up your inventory with isomerase which are not worth looting in low quality.

Humanoids don't offer any specials for your pet to learn, however they drop credits and electronic junk that can be reverse engineered, sold to a Junk Dealer for credits and some traders will buy stacks of electronic junk also. Humanoids tend to drop better stat loot than beasts also. With autoloot enabled and a loot macro running you can pick up extra credits while grinding your beast.

Please also be mindful of hogging NPCs that are involved in quests. Aside from being frustrating for other players, it can also get you a warning from GMs.[1]

Hunting MapsEdit

The Hunters Maps[2] on SWG web site have maps of all planets with shaded areas showing combat levels (CL) in the areas of each planet.

Combat Level 1-10Edit

  • Mos Eisley, and any Tatooine city Outskirts - Random Static Spawns of low level creatures. Right behind the Bank in Mos Eisley spawns the most creatures at a rapid rate (these are the creatures from the legacy quest /way 3660 -4608. At this waypoint you can grind up to cl 17 or 18).
  • Behind Dearic, Talus starport, immediate spawn of level 2 NPCs.( no longer immediate )
  • Outside Theed lvl 2 chuba's (way -4995 3854) be aware of higher lvl npcs nearby

Combat Level 10-20Edit

  • Mynocks CL18 outside of Mos Espa on Tatooine, /way -2774 2576.
  • Tusken Assembly Area on Tatooine spawns CL14 Tusken Outriders, /way -3819 -4632
  • Valarian Depot Outside of Bestine. /Way Tatooine -1500 -3300. These can pack a punch so be careful.
  • Can Continue to grind off of creatures in Mos Eisley (EXP ends at lvl 14)
  • In front of Moenia, Naboo cantina, immediate spawn of level 18 NPCs.
  • Mos Espa, Tatooine. -3164 2157, CL 16 NPCs
  • The White Thranta compound at 3693 -4096 on Tatooine
  • Lars Homestead,Tatooine (-2464, -5376), there is a massive spawn of womprats - NOTE: This is also a great spot to use creature knowledge and learn tier one specials like Enfeeble and Bite.
  • Darklighter Cache, Tatooine (-260 -6930) is guarded by Valerian Looters (CL13-17) and has a few higher cl rock mites (CL19-20), the bottom of the cave (stay on your right) is the best spot.

Combat Level 20-30Edit

  • Low level legacy bunkers also work because there are more people. More specifically, the bunker

northeast of Kaadara.

  • Squill Cave on Tatooine. Waypoint 50, -250. Run around here for some good exp and also Learn Bite 1 and 2 if interested. Entrance at about Waypoint 54, -89.
  • Greater Tatooine Mynocks at -2713 2539 outside of Mos Espa, Insta-Respawn
  • NPC spawn outside of Coronet, Corellia.
  • Spawns around Jabba's Palace are quick and easy
  • Wookie Camp next to Starport on Kashyyyk
  • Narmle, Rori has Static Spawning Thieves
  • Gungan vs Imp battle on naboo
  • Behind Moenia starport,
  • Narglatch spawn at the crashed transport near Deeja Peak on Naboo
  • Starving Flewts outside Dee'ja Peak Naboo at 4313 -1258

Combat Level 30-40Edit

  • Level 32 Sayormi Dead Forest, Kashyyyk - XP stops at level 46 (As of 03/18/11 it seems SOE adjusted the respawn rate of the Sayorm and Moufs). While they do respawn they do at longer intervals. No longer a static respawn.
  • Darkwalkers Cave on Naboo. Waypoint 5050 -2075. good exp and fast spawns. Best results in the deep end of the cave.
  • Mission Terminals in Theed, Naboo
  • Trandoshan Camp on Kashyyyk
  • The Nargalatch Cave on Naboo
  • Nightspider spawn out front of the Theed main square
  • Sayormi (No longer ultra fast respawn, in the dead forest but still lots of mobs around) - cl 32
  • The Durni Bunker is outside Kor Vella [-3655, 2843]
  • Starving Flewts (CL27) outside Dee'ja Peak Naboo at 4313 -1258
  • Sand Crawler, Tatooine (5749, 4016) First kill jawas, then sandpeople (watch for Krayts)
  • The NSH bunker on Talus (-4626 -3210) cl30-41 NPC's
  • CL 31 Capper Spineflaps near /way -4995 3854 in Theed

Combat Level 40-50Edit

  • Corellia/Tyrena: Static spawns of CL 35 Humanoids.
  • Corellia/Tyrena: CL35-40 Meatlumps.
  • Corellia/Tyrena: Some killable NPCs on a quick timer.
  • Corellia/Kor Vella: /way Corellia -3655 2843 Durni Bunker
  • Corellia/Agrilat Swamp: The Cave POI.
  • Corellia/Doaba Guerfel: /way Corellia 3060 5471 CL38 Rogue CorSec
  • Talus/Dearic: Static Spawns on outsirts of town
  • Talus/Dearic: Mission Terminals
  • Kashyyyk/Trandoshan Camp:
  • Kashyyyk/Dead Forest: Webweavers in front of the cave.
  • Talus/Nashal: The Aaukan cave POI. CL 39-51 Humanoids.
  • Talus/Nashal: CL 45 Spiders /waypoint Talus 7323 7609 CL45 Spiders (these spiders are part of the legacy quests, so try to avoid interfering, with other peoples gameplay!)
  • Kashyyyk/Ettyy Hunting Grounds:
  • Kashyyyk/Dead Forest: Sayormi (There was an super fast respwn but resntly the respawn became quite slow) - CL 32 Humanoids - best to be closer to 40, as they come in groups of 3-5. (XP stops at 46)

Combat Level 50-60Edit

  • Corellia/Tyrena: Continue CL40-50 spawns.
  • Rori/Restuss: CL50 Thieves 100 meters east of the starport. Beware - West of the Starport is a PvP zone.(this only effects a sided toon that is cl 75)
  • Lok/Canyon Corsair Stronghold POI:
  • Talus: Lost Village of Durbin (POI) has static spawns of cl44-49 Sludge Panthers (these will also drop housing collections for maximizing space) Update: As of 3/19/11 the sludge panthers are no longer static respawns however the housing collections pieces still drop.

Combat Level 70-80Edit

*Note: Once your beast reaches cl75 you will need to use Mk. II supplements to gain an XP bonus.

  • Continue to kill Thieves at Restuss (NOTE: Exp stops at lvl 67)
  • Endor, Research outpost. About 50m east. Nice CL60 NPC static spawn. (XP stops at cl79)
  • Striking Miner's Camp about 4000m in the Northwest region of the map (/way mustafar -2387 1515).
  • Level 79 Feral Wookiee Rryatt Trail (Webweaver Path)(-286, -74), Kashyyyk - XP stops at level 90
  • Dantari Village - with a good group you can stay here until your pet reaches cl90. You could even start from cl1 with your pet on passive. Many servers have groups grinding here, try asking for invites
  • From the Being a Good Semaritan Quest, (/way Mustafar  -2505 -1232 Pwwoz Camp Site) you can find high level lava fleas and learn specials for your pet from them such as Bite 5!
  • Mission Terminals at Nym's Lok
  • The Wallugas in the Ryatt Trail
  • Pull missions from Dantooine, pulling missions in a player city can get you lvl 60+, while NPC cities give lvl 90 missions
  • Kashyyyk Rryatt Trail - Escaped Wookiees (high grounds) - cl 55

Combat Level 80-90Edit

At This Level, if your toon is CL of 90, you can participate in the killings without having the pet suffer from EXP loss.

  • Nesting Kaadus just outisde Theed Waterall

Player Killing for pet EXP Edit

You Kill, Your Pet Rests. Lvl 90s only.

  • Mustafar: Beetle Cave, Suggestion is to bring a group in and kill kill kill! Beetles are strong with pub6 and can be killed very fast in that 30 minute mission
  • Mustafar: Old Facility (NE of map) Very fast Spawns. Mobs are separated for the most part and most attacks will be 2 NPCs at a time
  • Mustafar: Droid Armor, I would suggest a group for this but a lot of kills can be made during this, Not the fastest method at all but chance for high end loot
  • Mustafar: Tulrus Island, many spawns, watch for strong Aggro
  • Mustafar: Burning Plains, many spawns around there just waiting to help
  • Rori: Restuss Battle, if your faction controls the city, the many NPC spawns and mission can add up nicely and reward yuou with GCW at the same time
  • Endor: SE area of planet has many lvl 70 spawns everywhere
  • Kashyyyk: Ferel Wookiee Spawn in Rryatt Trail, Webweaver Path, fairly quick spawn of lvl 80s
  • Naboo: waterfall behind Theed Spaceport, and to the left of the little river is a spawn of Kaadu (fast respawn)(Sorry... Dev's "fixed" this one... pretty slow spawn now)
  • Dathomir: Of Course, the pre-pub6 grinding location for toons is now there for Pets! S/SE of the planet has many lvl 70-90 creatures

AFK Pet Grinding Edit

An easy way to level your pet from 1-90 is away from Keyboard Grinding. Basically you run a combat macro and kill creatures while you pet sits by leveling patiently. This works espcially well if you can get a group. Have one player pull in the creature while the others use AOE (Area of Effect) attacks to damage the creatures. It is important that you not kill the creatures too quickly as some professions do not have great AOE's and the only way you. Some professions such as Officer and Commando may want to substitute less damaging attacks to allow other players to get XP too.

  • Kashyyyk: Ferel Wookiee Spawn in Rryatt Trail, Webweaver Path, fairly quick spawn of lvl 80s
  • Dantooine - Kunga Village (/way Dantooine -7269 -826 Kunga Village)
  • Dantooine - Janta Village Southern POI

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