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Game Update 10 introduced four all new battlefields. All are roughly based on “reinforcements” style gameplay. That is, each team starts out with a certain number of reinforcements. When you kill a member of the opposing team, or accomplish an objective, the opposing team’s number of reinforcements goes down. Whichever team reaches zero first loses. Alternately, if time runs out the team with the lowest score loses. Through clever use of these objectives, and variations in the landscape from battlefield to battlefield, we’ve managed to give each battlefield its own unique gameplay feel. All the details below are still being play tested and finalized and are definitely subject to change before it hits Test Center and LIVE.

  • Massassi Isle is on Yavin IV. When battling in Massassi Isle each team starts out with a set of bases. In order to knock down your opponent’s reinforcements quickly you’ll need to destroy the terminals in their bases while defending your own.
  • Jungle Warfare is on Yavin IV as well. Currently, each team starts out with a set of bases, similar to Massassi Isle. However, there is a single base in the center of the battlefield that can change faction several times. The gameplay for Jungle Warfare is still in progress though, so this may not be the final version that goes LIVE.
  • Bunker Assault is on Endor. This is a very small battlefield with a single base at the top of a tall hill. This base can be captured repeatedly by either faction. Every time your team captures this base, the opposing team suffers a large loss to their reinforcement count.
  • Data Runner is an island on Endor. There are four communication towers on this island. Secret data is sent to a randomly selected member of one of the teams. The player with the data must deliver it to a randomly selected communication tower. If the data is successfully delivered to the specified communication tower the opposing team will take a reinforcement hit. Conversely, if that player is killed before reaching the tower his/her team will suffer the large reinforcement loss.


You can purchase items with the tokens you get from the following NPCs