Balta-trabaat bt310 podracer

TCG Card Number: 4SWG3
Description: More commonly referred to as a Quadra-Podracer due to its four turbine engine design, this Balta-Trabaat BT310 Podracer is similar to the one flown by Ben Quadinaros in the Boonta Eve Classic. While speedy, this quad-engine design can be temperamental. This item may only be claimed once per character.

When this TCG loot card is redeemed you receive a Balta-Trabaat BT310 Podracer vehicle.


  • Speed: Best

Source: Friday Feature - Getting Around In Star Wars Galaxies - Star Wars Galaxies website


  • The Loot Card is Tradeable if found in a purchased pack
  • The Loot Card is No Trade if found in a free pack
  • The claimed vehicle is No Trade
  • Carries one person
  • If disabled, can be restored at a Garage
  • Cannot be customized with a Vehicle Customization Kit

How to ObtainEdit

Star Wars LoreEdit

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