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An abandoned battledroid

This article is about NPC droids. You may be looking for Deed for: Battle Droid.

One of several models of aggressive droids in The Shadowed Lands of Kashyyyks Rryatt Trail left behind from the Second Battle of Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars. Though nearly 25 years have passed, these droids are operational and quite lethal. These droids are also to be found in The Warren on Dantooine, various Old Republic facilities on Mustafar, onboard Corellian Corvettes, in Borvo the Hutt's Vault on Naboo (weaker versions), in the Corellia Droid Factory, Stonewall Labs on Naboo, and known crash sites on Tatooine (weaker versions) and Lok. As of Chapter 5 these droids have become craftable.


Name Level Difficulty Planet Location Health Aggro Stalker Deathblow Social Attacks Loot
Abandoned Battle Droid 80-82 Elite Kashyyyk Rryatt Trail: The Shadowed Lands 33k-38k Yes No No No Range Random
An Error-Prone Battle Droid 6 Normal Tatooine 2868 -4802 531-631 Yes No No No Range Random
Battle Droid 23 Normal Naboo Borvo the Hutt's Base(look to holopet emitter) ???? Yes No No No Range Junk, collection, clothing
An Ultragungan Flawed Battle Droid 29 Normal Naboo -1830 -5289 4k Yes No No No Range Random

Star Wars Lore[]

B-1 battle droids were the battle droids that made up the Federation Droid Army. After the Federation joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, they became a part of the Confederacy's greater war force. They were designed for cheap mass-production. Following the Naboo crisis, the Galactic Republic enacted strict legislation that prohibited the use of droid armies and the development of military hardware. The Trade Federation, however, relocated its droid foundries and laboratories to remote territories far from the Republic's jurisdiction like Geonosis. The Trade Federation also developed a new generation of B-1s with enhanced intelligence and independence. When the Trade Federation became a member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, it pledged its droid forces to the Separatist cause. B-1s would be the Confederacy's most common soldiers. Quadrillions were churned out on countless CIS factory worlds.