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Star Wars Galaxies - Avatar Platform

Raw HD Footage of Avatar Platform


Star Wars Galaxies Avatar Platform Assault

Early NGE Avatar Assault

Avatar Platform in Kashyyyk space sector

Entering the Avatar Station

Map by excalibur@Chimaera-Europe


The Avatar is the base of the Trandoshan slaver's power in Kashyyyk, and is named because it is the "avatar" or manifestation of the domination of the Wookiees of the jungle planet. It is the location of several of the most dangerous quests in the game.

Game Info[]

The Avatar Platform is an instanced space station built into an asteroid in Kashyyyk space. The station is used by the ruling Blackscale Trandoshans to process the Wookiee slaves that they obtain from the planet.

One must have proper clearance codes to land on the platform, which can be obtained two ways:

1) The Zssik Clan slavers in the Slaver Camp outside Kachirho, (109 51). Completing this will also unlock Marium Valmont's repeatable "Avatar Run" quest.

2) Imperial *Combatants* can speak to Dr. Price near the Kachirho starport & start the Wookiee Blood Sample quest. (-660 -201)( or -661, -111). Completing this will *not* unlock Marium Valmont's repeatable "Avatar Run" quest.

After the Zssik Clan quest is completed, repeated visits to Avatar may be obtained by talking to Marium Valmont outside of the Kachirho Tree (-578 -161).

A word of warning, though... the operator of the Avatar Platform has been known to launch fighters to destroy pilots without the authorization codes who are sassy with him. Only ships with the proper authorization may safely approach the Avatar Station.


 ===Main quests===

  • The Zssik Clan plans to overthrow the ruling Blackscales by destroying the station in a mighty assault. Talk to Boshaz (109 168) to begin the quest to free the planet from the Blackscale Slavers.
  • The Avatar platform cells quest is obtainable by opening the cells of the platform. This quest rewards you with several very unique carbines and pistols crafted by the Wookies of Kashyyyk.

Repeatable Content[]

These quests are used as triggers to allow future access to the platform, once the main quests have been completed.

  • Imperial combatant only: An Imperial scientist named Dr. Price (-660 -201)( or -661, -111) near the Kachirho starport wants some of his allies to obtain blood samples from the Wookiees aboard the platform.
  • Marium Valmont hires mercenaries for an Avatar Run in order to collect five different substances that are being stored on the Avatar Platform for a mysterious client.

Combatant NPCs[]

  • Wookiee captive (CL50 Elite)
  • Avatar Guard Captain (CL80 Elite)
  • Avatar Guard (CL81 Elite)
  • Blackscale Jailer (CL81 Elite)
  • Avatar Scalelord (CL82 Elite)
  • Wookiee Freedom Fighter (CL83 Elite)
  • Wookiee Commando (CL84 Elite)
  • Blackscale Watch Commander (CL 85 Elite)
  • Wookie Battleleader (CL 85 Elite)
  • Harwakokok The Mighty (CL 86 Gold)


Collection Items[]

Decorative Items[]

Weapon Components[]