Aurilia fog lifts


The old village has grown into a township


Ship activity in Aurilia

Aurilian sentinels

Aurilian sentinels at work


Strange pyramids


A shuttle to the heroic encounters

Chapter 7 saw the re-emergence from the mist of the village of Aurilia. It is now a township following the village's liberation from the Shadows of the Sith. It serves as a hub for missions allowing access to five Heroic instance encounters and several collections. It is still located SE of the Dathomir Science Outpost but is very different to the village as known before the NGE.

/waypoint dathomir 5302 -4151 Aurilia Township;

Aurilia is locked by a wall of mist and only players CL70+ and ace pilots can go through it. After having reached Aurilia by ground vehicle, remember to talk to Maximillian at the shuttle, so you can talk to the Aurilian Contacts in the Mos Eisley, Theed and Coronet starports to take you directly to the township for 2500 credits. Pre-quests to the six Heroic Encounters starts here:

NPC's that Inhabit this village:

Misc Locations

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