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Looking from the southern portion


Another view of Anchorhead

Tosche station

Tosche Station

Anchorhead was once the PvP capital of most servers' GCW, until the debut of Jump to Lightspeed. When waiting for a shuttle became obsolete with the 'Travel' function of spaceships, Anchorhead slowly lost its status of population hub.

Anchorhead is the Rebel stronghold city for Tatooine. Rebels will always be in control of the city, even if Imperials are winning the war on the planet and have control of all other cities.

Anchorhead can be considered a failed mining site. It was one of the first settlements on Tatooine, and was constantly being retaken by miners. Every time though, the miners would abandon the site seeing that the ore was of poor quality. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, it was repopulated and was often visited by Luke Skywalker and his friends. The city lost tourists interest because of the neighboring cities Mos Eisley and Mos Espa.

City Services Edit

Facilities Edit

Quest Givers Edit

/way tatooine 129 -5399 Aaph Koden;
/way tatooine -161 -5322 Cuan Talon;
/way tatooine 112 -5429 Droma Ordo;
/way tatooine 134 -5347 Nitra Vendallan;
/way tatooine -135 -5331 Sorna;
/way tatooine 104 -5382 Vardias Tyne;

Herald NPCsEdit

/way tatooine 141 -5356 A commoner (Squill Cave);

/way tatooine 145 -5336 A commoner (Tusken Village);

Other NPCs Edit

/way tatooine 106 -5315 Alger;
/way tatooine 122 -5355 Borra Setas;
/way tatooine 128 -5430 Carh'la Bastra;
/way tatooine 122 -5369 Lt. Jarad Gastin;

Faction LocationsEdit

/way tatooine 134 -5351 Rebel recruiter;
/way tatooine 131 -5354 Rebel Mission Terminal;
/way tatooine 131 -5352 Rebel Mission Terminal;

Star Wars LoreEdit

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