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The Bureau of Ethnology and Socialization was an adjunct of the mining colony that was operating on Tatooine in the sixth century BBY. Among those who worked for the bureau was Alkhara, who studied the Tusken Raiders as an anthropologist before allying with them and becoming a bandit chief.

Even hundreds of years after Alkhara's terror reign had ended, the Bureau still had to deal with small pockets of Alkhara's followers who still believed in the anarchy that Alkhara had preached. In 1 ABY the Bureau hired a spacer to finally eliminate the remaining pockets of Alkhara's followers and erase all memory of him. (From: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Bureau_of_Ethnology_and_Socialization)

Game Play Information[]

Location: -5455, -6122 on Tatooine near Wayfar. There are also scattered camps of Alkhara Bandits throughout the planet of Tatooine.

Level: 15

Use: You are sent here to kill Alkhara Bandits by Reelo Baruk when you begin the quests for Jabba's Theme Park. You will earn Jabba Faction points, credits and experience points.

Alkhara Bandit Camp.jpg