So.. ya think yer ready for the Bright Jewel Ribbon Quadrant, hm? I'll believe it when I see it.

-- Aleas

Aleas is the second pilot you'll talk to in Tansarii Station in your quest to rid the station of the Black Sun pirates.

Missions Edit

Patrol the Bright Jewel Ribbon Edit

Aleas wants you to patrol the area.

  • First objective: follow the waypoints
  • First objective: destroy the 4 attack ships
  • Enemy opposition: 4 trained Black Sun in Ixygen ships
  • Reward: 2000 credits, 590 XP, Sienar Fleet Systems Mark I Imperial Droid Interface

Kallor Brothers rescue Edit

Somehow the Kallor Brothers were bested by the Black Sun and need help (this is a timed mission).

  • First objective: save Waris, target engines with "[" or "]" and fire until ship disabled
  • Second objective: save Sulale (just dock)
  • Third objective: destroy attack ships
  • Enemy opposition:
  • Reward: 2500 credits, 590 XP
  • Comments: near the end there will be an attack of 6 Trained Black Sun. Be aware!

Black Sun Attacks Edit

Looks like the Black Sun is not happy with you rescuing the Kallor brothers. They are attacking again.

  • First objective: Destroy Black Sun Hunters or Bloodstalkers
  • Second objective: Save Commander Atris
  • Third objective: Save Dynath Miner
  • Enemy opposition:
  • Reward: 3000 credits, 590 XP

Counter attack Edit

Against Aleas's wishes, you have started a counterattack against the Black Sun.

  • First objective: destroy Hunters or Bloodstalkers
  • First objective: destroy the attack ships
  • First objective: destroy Arlem Demonhunter
  • Enemy opposition:
  • Rewards: 3500 credits, 590 XP, Sienar Enhanced Plasteel Armor
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