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Agents of Deception

Agents of Deception is the third expansion of Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, released on June 24, 2009. It incorporates more than 200 new cards, including more than 20 new Loot cards, including the Corellian G9 Rigger freighter.

This set introduces smugglers and spies into the game, each adding new elements to gameplay. Smuggler cards utilize item cards in a new way by bringing items into play when your opponent least expects it and by adding bonuses to existing items to enhance their powers. Spies rely on stealth to get behind enemy lines and deal covert damage beyond typical unit-to-unit damage, plus can launch surprise attacks on your opponent's avatar itself.

The story mode of this set, represented in Scenarios, revolves around a smuggler and spy story arc that puts players in the service of Lando Calrissian as well as the dreaded Imperial Security Bureau headed by the mysterious figure Blackhole, and even allows them to infiltrate Jabba the Hutt's infamous crime syndicate. As the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire continues, the growth of the lucrative and dangerous smuggling market has expanded to include goods essential to the successes of both the Empire and Rebellion. A key shipment of ryll has gone missing on its way to a Rebel medical facility. Rumored to have been stolen and taken to Smuggler's Run, a hidden collection of asteroids serving as a hideout for hundreds of smugglers, this shipment is essential to the Rebel war efforts. The newly appointed Baron of Cloud City, Lando Calrissian, leads a Rebel team to infiltrate the Hutt crime cartel to track and locate the lost shipment. But the Empire has plans of its own and has ordered the Imperial Security Bureau, led by Blackhole, to track down and locate the shipment for itself.

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Slaving, spice mining, smuggling, gun-running... whenever there is demand for a product, someone will supply the goods. As the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire continues, the forces of law and order struggle to control the growth of the lucrative and dangerous smuggling market. A large shipment of ryll is missing, and both sides are looking for it. The Alliance wants to return it to the medical facility it was intended for, and the Empire wants to impound it as contraband.

Light Side Campaign: Return Medical Supplies[]

Despite Lando Calrissian's new status as a legitimate businessman, winning the title of Baron Administrator of Cloud City, he keeps close to his roots in the underworld. Join Lando as he makes a clandestine journey to Smuggler's Run, a hidden collection of asteroids serving as a hideout for hundreds of smugglers. While Lando seeks to get his hands on the shipment of a lifetime, become embroiled in an Imperial and Rebel conflict for that same precious cargo.

Scenario 1: At the Palace[]

With a cover story from Lando, infiltrate Jabba's fortress on Tatooine.

Lando Calrissian, the Baron Administrator of Cloud City, arranges a meeting aboard his shuttle, the Cobra. Calrissian makes you feel comfortable and says, 'A shipment of ryll headed for a medical facility became... misplaced.' The Baron grins. 'Smugglers can turn a tidy profit selling ryll to the right people. This is a very large shipment. I'd like you to help me recover it.'

'Will we make sure the Alliance gets this ryll to that medical facility?' you ask. 'Certainly,' replies Calrissian, with a wave of his hand. 'The less-than-scrupulous days of my career are behind me.' He offers you a datapad and identity card. 'This is your cover, a smuggler from Glakka. I'll give you some chemical agents to obtain warheads to bargain with. Get an invitation to Jabba's Palace. Some of that scum must know about the shipment.'

The Hutt's palatial home is a hive of criminal activity. You gain entry as a smuggler looking for work. Eyebrows rise with interest (for those who have them) when you ask about a missing shipment of ryll. Somebody names a ryll smuggler on Corellia, but you get no information about the shipment.

As you mingle, a nasty-looking Chevin comes your way. It's Ephant Mon, Jabba's head of security. 'I hear you were on Glakka,' he begins. 'Remember that Imperial that got killed? What was his name... Jeffren Brek?' You laugh and say, 'Sure, I remember him, what an idiot.' Mon replies, 'Too bad. Brek was never there, and he's not dead. You're a liar.'

You can't rescue your story, so you make a break for it. 'Stop that fool!' yells Mon. You're going to have to fight your way out of Jabba's Palace.

You're not sure if it's your quick feet and combat skills or the heat of a chase across the dunes of Tatooine, but eventually Ephant Mon gives up.

'Come back here again... and you'll never... leave alive!' he hollers, panting heavily. It's an empty threat, probably to impress the guards that came with him.

All you care about is that you're alive and anxious to leave Tatooine. You have a tip to follow up, that ryll smuggler on Corellia. Time to get to the spaceport.

Scenario 2: Red Circle Gang[]

Track down a ryll smuggler on Corellia to find out what he knows. In the city of Kor Vella on Corellia, you meet Lon Cope, a CorSec lieutenant who investigates ryll smuggling. You ask him about the missing shipment and give him the name you obtained at Jabba's Palace.

'If anybody is gonna know about a shipment of ryll, that's Ubis Reendorr,' says Cope when he hears the name. 'That Rodian works with the Red Circle Gang. They have a hideout where they refine the ryll. I've been trying to crack that place for some time.'

'Just get me a meeting with Reendorr, and we'll go from there,' you ask. 'I can't make you any promises about the bunker.'

'We've got a man in the organization,' replies Cope. 'He has unauthorized access to obtain access data cards. I'll set it up.' The next day the officer hands you an invitation to meet with the Rodian smuggler. The note is signed with a single red circle.

Soon, you meet with Ubis Reendorr at a small cantina in Kor Vella. After some small talk, he leans in to say, 'Someone is smuggling a spice known as ryll into Kor Vella. Oh yeah, that's me.' He laughs at this, and you try to laugh as well. 'What do you know about a large missing shipment of ryll?' you ask.

The Rodian leans back in his chair. 'The question,' he begins, pointing a finger in the air, 'is not what I know.' Thugs all over the room kick back their chairs and stand. Reendorr points at you. 'The question is - what do you know?' You're surrounded now, with all exits blocked. 'And I think you're gonna tell us. With a little persuading.'

Even though they surrounded you, with the element of surprise, the Red Circle Gang wasn't very tough. The few that stayed to fight now litter the floor of the small cantina. Pulling one to his feet, you ask, 'What kind of security do you have at the bunker?' The one you're holding spits in your face. Another gang member says from the floor, 'It's tight! You can't get in without an access card.'

Reendorr groans at this comment. 'Why don't you tell them everything, bonehead?' You drop the thug you were holding, who hits the floor with a thud. Walking over to Reendoor you say, 'I bet you've got one of those.' With a disgusted sneer, he hands you the card. Your CorSec friend will be happy to have it.

Scenario 3: Imperial Entanglement[]

Follow a lead from the Bothan Spynet to find an Imperial officer in Bestine.

The access card you obtained pleases Lieutenant Cope. 'This will tell us about their security,' he says. As you leave, Cope says, 'Wait - there's a message for you.' He shows you a comm console, where you see Calrissian. 'The Bothan spynet is following an Imperial officer who's looking for the shipment,' he says. 'Meet Loza Sil'ban in Bestine.' Cope says, 'You may need some help for this, so I'll give you someone to call for a favor so you can get smuggler backup.'

You enter the warehouse district in Bestine. On a deserted corner, a Bothan woman steps from the shadows. 'Calrissian sent me,' you say. Sil'ban nods. She walks down an alley and motions for you to follow.

'I've been tailing this Imp officer, Jeffren Brek,' she says. No wonder your cover was blown when you agreed he was dead. She climbs on boxes and peers in a window. Joining her, you see an Imperial officer that must be Brek. He speaks to a spacer in a flight suit. A few stormtroopers stand nearby.

The meeting finishes and the spacer leaves. 'I'll see what Brek knows,' you say. Sil'ban asks, 'Talk to the Imp? Think that's wise?' You answer, 'I have to.' She says, 'You're on your own then. Good luck.' The Bothan disappears into the shadows.

You enter the warehouse and the troopers level their blasters at you. 'Hey! I'm just a merchant from Glakka,' you say. 'I heard you're looking for a ryll shipment.' Brek motions for them to put their guns down.

'You're from Glakka?' Brek asks. 'Do you know Zoort?' You shake your head. 'Raurlu Eloz?' You reply, 'Uh, no.' He pulls out his pistol. 'I don't think you're a merchant,' he says. 'I think you're a Rebel spy.'

You strike down the last stormtrooper, and Brek raises his hands. 'Okay, I surrender.' You take his weapon and throw it aside. 'What do you know about the missing shipment of ryll?' you ask. 'No more than you do,' he says. 'That's why I was talking to that spacer.'

'Turn around,' you say to Brek. You put him in restraints and say, 'Give me the spacer's name.'

'He's a Corellian pilot named BoShek,' he answers. 'What are you gonna do with me?'

'I'll take him in,' says Loza Sil'ban, stepping from the shadows. Surprised, you say, 'Thanks,' and head out to look for BoShek.

Scenario 4: Kessel Runner[]

Locate the mysterious spacer that the Imperial officer was talking to.

Jeffren Brek had no useful information. If the Imperials are looking for the shipment too, then time is running out. You return to Bestine to look for the Corellian pilot the Imperial was talking to.

After a few hours, you're approached by a cloaked Bothan. Loza Sil'ban removes her hood, and you can see she's injured. 'Brek got away,' she says. 'Conked me on the head and stole my blaster. I'm sorry.'

'That's alright,' you say. 'It's the shipment we're after, not him. Are you okay to travel?'

'Yes, I'm fine, just embarrassed,' she says. 'I checked with the Bothan spynet about BoShek. Rumor has it that he set a new record for the Kessel Run, taking bragging rights from Han Solo. He's also been known to traffic in illegal transponders. Ran afoul of the Imps, so Brek must have been pretty desperate just to talk to him.'

'Thanks,' you say. 'Now all I have to do is find this BoShek.' Sil'ban says, 'Call a favor for smuggler backup if you need it.' She leaves again, and you head for another cantina. Walking down the street, you feel a tap on your shoulder. 'I hear you're looking for me.' BoShek stands behind you, still wearing his flight suit. You wonder if he ever takes it off. 'Why yes,' you begin. 'I'm a merchant from Grakka-'

'You're looking for a big missing shipment of ryll,' says BoShek. He looks at you strangely, and somehow you feel like he can read your mind. 'I'm looking for that shipment too - and that makes you competition.' He pulls his blaster, a few of his friends reveal themselves nearby, and you have a firefight on your hands.

'You win,' says BoShek, throwing down his blaster. 'Now what are you gonna do? I know you won't kill me,' he says. 'That means you can't threaten me either.' He still seems to be reading your mind.

'Shut up and put your hands on your head,' you say. Then you frisk him for weapons and find a datafile. You thumb the activate button, and it shows a flight plan. 'The planet Wrea?' you ask. BoShek says, 'I'm telling you nothing.' You say, 'I'll just turn you over to the Imperials. There are several warrants for your arrest.'

BoShek's face turns pale. 'Okay, if I tell you where the shipment is, will you let me go?' he says. 'Talk,' you reply. 'Smuggler's Run is an asteroid belt near Wrea. The shipment is in a hideout on Skip 52,' he says. You find a maintenance closet and throw BoShek inside. 'Cool your heels in here, hotshot,' you say. 'I won't tell the Imps where you are. For a while, anyway.' Then you close the door and lock it.

Scenario 5: To Smuggler's Run[]

Travel through an asteroid belt full of criminals to find the missing shipment.

You contact Calrissian with an update. When you tell him your destination is Skip 52 in Smuggler's Run, he raises an eyebrow. 'Navigating that belt is nearly impossible, and rock storms surround that asteroid,' he says. 'I'll arrange for a pilot to meet you there.'

Soon, you're at the spaceport on Wrea. You stand near a two-seater Z-95 Headhunter and a pilot in a floppy hat greets you. 'Nice disguise,' you say to Wedge Antilles. 'Rebel officers are unwelcome here,' he says. 'Take these counterfeit credits. We can use them to get credit sticks.'

You board the snubfighter and when Antilles punches the throttle, you realize this is no ordinary Z-95. 'She's got uprated engines and extra maneuver thrusters,' he says. He does a sideslip that makes your stomach turn.

While your fighter dodges the asteroids and the skipper vehicles that the locals use, you hold on to your lunch for the whole trip. Antilles makes the final approach through a hailstorm of rocks and lands inside a hollowed-out asteroid.

You see a hundred ryll crates stacked to the ceiling. Lying on the ground are many dead smugglers. Standing around them are some shadow stormtroopers and a few heavily armed agents - Imperial Security Bureau operatives.

From the corner of the chamber walks a mechno-assembly. Projected above it is a strange holographic figure. 'We have visitors,' says the image. You realize that this is the head of the ISB, a mysterious figure called Blackhole. You'll have to overcome this elite band of soldiers to recover the shipment.

The agents and stormtroopers put up a terrific fight, but finally the battle turns in your favor. With nowhere to retreat, the Imperials fight to the death. Blackhole's mechno-assembly lies on the ground, damaged in the firefight. His holoprojection flickers and buzzes as he says, 'You've made a new enemy today. I'll make you regret ever crossing my path!' Then the holo fizzles and fades. 'He gives me the creeps,' says Antilles.

'Let's contact Calrissian and get this shipment back where it belongs,' you say. In a few hours, Calrissian arrives with a small freighter and the ryll is loaded aboard. He looks at the many crates and says, 'A man could make a fortune selling this to the right buyer.'

'Remember, Lando, you're a respectable baron administrator now,' you say, eyeing him curiously. 'Yeah, that's right,' he says with a sigh.

'Don't worry; I'll make sure this gets to the medical facility.' He smiles and says, 'It's a new Lando Calrissian that stands before you today.'

Dark Side Campaign: Locate Missing Contraband[]

Working for the Imperial Security Bureau, you must track down a medical shipment of ryll before it falls into the wrong hands. Rebel hands. The trail has gone cold at Jabba's Palace, and the ISB wants you to infiltrate the crime syndicate and track down the cargo. The trail leads to Smuggler's Run, which is not a favorite destination among Imperial officers. The hundreds of smugglers who live there make short work of any authority figure that wanders in. As you track this cargo, you will cross paths with a Rebel strike force and a group of renowned smugglers, all going for the same treasure.

Scenario 1: Majordomo[]

Get a false identity from your Imperial contact and enter Jabba's Palace on Tatooine.

Jeffren Brek, a captain with the Imperial Security Bureau, meets you at the Mos Eisley spaceport. He offers you a datapad and ID card. 'The bureau has created an undercover identity for you. Here is some false information that you can use to get classified data discs to bargain with. This should get you into Jabba's Palace where you can find out more about the ryll. I'll be investigating some other leads myself, but get back in touch with me when you can.'

The next day, disguised as a smuggler, you hold your ID card up to the gatekeeper droid at Jabba's fortress in the Dune Sea. After some disagreeable squawking, the droid finally opens the door.

You mingle with the many criminals circulating inside the palace. Posing as a simple 'merchant' from Corellia looking for work, you ask about the missing ryll shipment. Many are interested, but none has any information for you.

You're enjoying a private concert by Max Rebo's band when you feel a tap on the shoulder. Jabba's majordomo, Bib Fortuna, crooks a finger at you and you have no choice but to go with him. 'New here, aren't you?' asks the Twi'lek. 'Sorry I couldn't meet you at the door. Come with me.'

He takes you into a private office with a couple of guards nearby. 'Let's talk about your experience.' Fortuna listens in sinister fashion while you try to remember the details of your cover story. You think it's going well until he says, 'I make it my business to know things about people like you. I'm unfamiliar with all of the references you've supplied.'

The Twi'lek rises to his feet. 'I do have a job for you though - rancor food.' He presses a button under the table, and the guards run into his office. You're not going to talk your way out of this.

You fight your way through Fortuna's guards and make your way to the vehicle hangar. Next to Jabba's massive sail barge is a swoop bike, and you jump on and fire it up. Cranking the throttle you blast out of Jabba's Palace and head towards Mos Eisley. You quickly reach the limit of your swoop piloting skills, and barely manage a crash landing in a dead end alley. Bruised and battered, you dust yourself off and call this a fine escape.

Scenario 2: Alley Arrest[]

Face a tough CorSec officer while trapped in a dead-end alley in Mos Eisley.

You're in a dead-end alley in Mos Eisley. Your crashed swoop bike is beyond repair. You wait for a few moments to make sure that Jabba's guards haven't followed you. During your investigation, you scored chemical agents that you can use to get some chemical warheads. When you finally decide to leave the alley, several figures step in your way. Judging from their body armor and the blasters they're packing, you figure you're in big trouble.

One of them steps forward. 'Major Walden, CorSec,' she says, showing you an ID badge. 'We'd like to ask you a few questions about a missing ryll shipment.'

'I'm just a simple merchant-,' you begin. 'That's enough,' she interrupts. 'We know you're a smuggler. There's a warrant out for your arrest on Corellia.' Your cover story wasn't good enough to convince Jabba's majordomo, but it's good enough to get you arrested by CorSec.

You quickly evaluate your options. Explaining to her that you're not really a smuggler and actually working undercover for the Imperial Security Bureau doesn't seem like a good choice. They have your exit blocked, so you'll have to fight your way out.

With your back to the wall, you put up a fierce defense. When the fighting stops, you look around to see you're the only one standing. You take a moment to search the CorSec agents, and find a datapad on Walden. Some of them start to wake up, so you rush out of the alley. You compose yourself and try not to act like a wanted criminal as you stroll away as quickly as possible.

Scenario 3: Rebel on the Trail[]

Get the jump on a group of Rebels looking for the same shipment you are.

When you're convinced that the CorSec agents aren't following, you take a moment to examine the datapad you took from them. The warrant for your smuggler cover story details quite a career, and you wonder if it's based on a real criminal. If things get worse, you can always call Lando for a favor and get some smugglers to help.

Another file describes an Alliance major named Coret Bhan who's on the trail of the ryll shipment. Walden was supposed to meet him at a landing pad here in Mos Eisley. Looks like she's going to be late for that meet, but you still have time to check it out. You decide to contact Captain Brek to give him an update, but he's not available. Perhaps he's following up on a different lead.

When you get to the landing pad, you hear the whine of blaster fire. Peeking around the corner, you see Bhan and a few Rebels holding smoking pistols. Lying on the ground around them is what seems to be a band of smugglers. Some of them were carrying crates. They were probably trying to leave the spaceport.

The Rebels look tired and wounded. You decide this is a good a time to get the drop on Coret Bhan. Arming yourself, you step around the corner. 'I have a message from Major Walden,' you say. 'She's going to be a little late. I left her bleeding in an alley.' This gets the attention of the Rebels, but you're aiming at their leader. 'Tell me what you know and I'll be nicer to you.'

'Here's what I know,' says Bhan. 'I don't deal with scum like you.' In a flash, he readies his blaster and fires. The battle begins.

The Rebel commandos put up a strong defense, but they're weakened from the previous firefight. Soon, you're the only one left standing. Major Bhan survives, and you grill him for information. 'What do you know about the missing ryll shipment?' His answer is nothing but an angry glare.

You turn your attention to another Rebel, wounded and lying in a pool of blood. He looks young and scared. Before you can ask him anything, he blurts out, 'When the Major meets Han Solo on Corellia, they'll get that ryll before you do!' Bhan says, 'Shut up, corporal!' You smile and give a salute to the wounded Rebels. 'Thanks boys, I'll be moving on now.' They're too weak to do anything about it.

Scenario 4: Tag the Scoundrel[]

Confront Han Solo and some of his friends in a cantina on Corellia.

You travel to Corellia and try to deduce where you can find Han Solo. As a former smuggler, he could be found in a back-street cantina full of criminals. Lately though, Solo has been respectably working for the Rebel Alliance. You suppose his shady past will keep him out of the finer places, so you choose establishments somewhere between elegance and villainy.

Using unauthorized access, you obtain a few account access data cards to bargain with. Garbed in your smuggler persona, you have to visit only a couple of cantinas before you find Han Solo. He sits at a table alone and when you approach, he seems puzzled. 'Hey actually I'm waiting for somebody, so move along, buddy.' You smile and say, 'I just need a few moments of your time. How about a round of drinks?' Solo grins and says, 'Okay, now you're talking. Have a seat!'

You steer the conversation to the subject of the missing ryll shipment. 'I'm sure lots of people would be interested in something like that,' says Solo. Someone stops by and whispers to him. You recognize Solo's friend and fellow smuggler Col Serra.

A look of surprise crosses Solo's face and he looks at you. His hand goes to his blaster. 'Looks like you bushwhacked the guy I was supposed to meet,' he says. You see a few Rebels enter the cantina with blasters drawn.

'You got me all wrong, Solo,' you say. 'I'm a businessman, that's all.' He says, 'Why don't you tell us who you really work for?' You can see this conversation is going nowhere.

You're able to subdue Solo and his Rebel friends. Picking himself up off the floor, Solo says, 'Alright, let's call this off and call it even. I've got a few other deals going, so losing this one is no big deal.' You back off and decide to let him go - especially since you've planted a homing beacon on him.

Scenario 5: Meet the Baron[]

Find the shipment in a dangerous asteroid belt and battle the smugglers that are loading it.

Han Solo leaves Corellia and heads for the planet Wrea as you follow him with your homing beacon. The asteroid belt known as Smuggler's Run is in the same system, and that's where Solo goes. This belt is home to hundreds of smugglers, and nearly impossible to navigate. While you're there, you call a favor to find some smugglers to help.

You hire a fast light freighter and a hotshot pilot who takes you into the Run to find Solo. 'This is gonna cost extra,' says your pilot when you determine Solo's destination - an asteroid called Skip 52. 'It's surrounded by rock storms, and getting in there will be tough,' the pilot says. 'I'll give you a thousand extra credits if you get us in there safely,' you tell him. He seems satisfied.

After a terrifying final approach, your pilot sets the freighter down in a hollowed-out asteroid. In a large chamber, you find Lando Calrissian, Han Solo, and a group of Rebels beginning to load crates of ryll aboard the Millennium Falcon. This is the missing shipment that the ISB is looking for.

Occupied with loading the cargo, the Rebels don't notice your arrival. You position yourselves to arrange the ambush. When everyone is ready you shout, 'I'm taking possession of this shipment.' They stop loading the crates, but don't throw down their blasters. 'You again,' says Solo. 'You don't give up easy, do you?'

'Put down your weapons and nobody gets hurt,' you say. The two ex-smugglers exchange a glance. 'Not a chance,' says Calrissian. The Rebels draw their blasters and choose to do things the hard way.

Blaster bolts ricochet all around the cavern as the firefight continues. You gain the upper hand and it looks like the Rebels have no chance. Solo and Calrissian decide to cut their losses and run up the ramp to board the Millennium Falcon. They'll get away with a few crates of ryll, but you'll capture the rest, so you let them go.

In a few days, you're delivering the ryll shipment to Captain Brek in Mos Eisley. 'I have to admit, I brawled with those smuggler thugs, and they got the best of me,' says Brek. 'You've done a good job and a service to the Empire.'

Those Nasty Tuskens (promotional scenario)[]

A minor crime boss at Jabba's Palace wants you to take care of a Tusken Raider Leader.

While cooling your heels in a cantina on Tatooine, a desert-worn traveler finds you. Dusting himself off, he says, 'Your presence is requested at Jabba's Palace.' The bartender raises an eyebrow and says, 'You'd better go. If you know what's good for you.'

Making the trek to Jabba's Palace, you are ushered to an office where the fattest Rodian you've ever seen sits behind a desk. He doesn't get up when you enter. 'I'm Reelo Baruk, a businessman from Nar Shaddaa, but I'm helping out the mighty Jabba here with some local trouble.'

Baruk offers you a seat and continues. 'Some of those nasty Tuskens are starting to get brazen, hanging out too close to the palace. Jabba hates that. If you can take care of them, I might help you out in the future.'

You seem unimpressed, so he goes on. 'You know, the Sand People? They wear those dirty robes and carry spiked clubs? Heads wrapped in bandages? But just take care of the leader and we'll call it done. Deal?'

Outcome unavailable

Art of Smuggling (promotional scenario)[]

The mighty Jabba wants to see how good a smuggler you are.

Sometimes you think that you shouldn't spend all your time in cantinas, entertaining the crowd by telling them how terrific you are. However, self-promotion is an important part of your career path.

When you brag about helping a smuggler move his wares to Tatooine, this catches the ear of Bib Fortuna, the majordomo at Jabba's Palace. Shortly thereafter, you find yourself in a meeting with the Twi'lek.

'I hear that you are quite a smuggler,' begins Fortuna. Lying your way into a lucrative job for the powerful Hutt seems appealing, so you answer in the affirmative.

'We're going to give you a little test.' The majordomo smiles with many pointed teeth, and you feel a chill run up your spine. 'My Master wants to see how many goods you can smuggle into Mos Eisley in the next two weeks. If you do well, you will get more work. How does that sound?'

Outcome unavailable

Punish the Pirates (promotional scenario)[]

Battle the pirate leader Nym in his own personal stronghold.

You are contacted by the Corellian bounty hunter Dengar. You meet with him on the planet Lok, and he begins to make his offer. 'You can imagine that someone as famous as me gets more bounties than he can accept. So I've got a little job for you if you're up to it.'

You nod silently, and he continues. 'Nym is a pirate leader of some repute that holds up in his personal stronghold here on Lok. Somebody wants to get even with him for... I don't even know what for. But the contract is to take him out.'

You inquire about the 'personal stronghold,' and Dengar replies, 'You can't just knock on the door and get in. You'll probably need some skilled operatives to get through the security and make it to Nym himself.'

The bounty for the mission is generous, and you wonder who put this price on Nym's head. But that's not your concern, so you tell Dengar you'll take the job and begin to make plans to get through the pirate leader's defenses.

Outcome unavailable