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Level: 90
Reward: none

Get administrative Access to the research facility.


Recommended combat levels: 90 and higher

Conversation with HX-138[]

HX-138: I've already noticed a boost in morale as a result of your efforts, %TU. You are certainly our saviour.
PC: I'm no one special.
HX-138: Mmmm...okay. Well, obviously you have your own mission. What is it exactly?
PC: I need to infiltrate the research facility.
HX-138: Yeah right. Ha ha...seriously now.
PC: Uh, I need to infiltrate the research facility?
HX-138: What? You were serious? Look, I can't ask these guys to help you. We've lost too many as it is.
PC: I don't need your men. All I need is a way to get in.
HX-138: That is suicide, but hey, you have made it this far.
PC: I gather the facility is sealed?
HX-138: No, but I hear it is very large and hard to navigate. The best way to find out where everything is down there is to get an administrative access key. You will have to talk to the Inquisitor about this, I was always responsible for duties topside.
PC: I see. Well it's been a pleasure.
HX-138: The pleasure was all mine, %TU.

Imperial Inquisitor[]

HX-138 send you to the Imperial Inquisitor Klex Fulgor in camp Epsilon.

Conversation with Klex Fulgor[]

Klex Fulgor: I have no time for your small talk citizen.
PC: I was sent by Darth Vader. I expect your full cooperation.
Klex Fulgor: Wh..what? Show me your authorization code!
PC: Here.
Klex Fulgor: Look...we did all we could here. It all happened so quickly.
PC: I'm not here for your debriefing...I'm here to enter the research facility and find a sample of unmutated virus.
Klex Fulgor: But...that is suicide. If you don't succumb to the virus, you'll surely be eaten!
PC: I'll be sure to tell Vader that you refused to support his bidding.
Klex Fulgor: Wait...uh, I don't know where they kept the virus samples. You'll need an access key to use the facility command consoles. Surely they kept a record of all the experiments on the facility mainframe. I dropped my key long ago or I'd let you have it.  I am pretty sure you'll be able to find one in the administrative building if you want to try that building.
PC: Is there a specific room in the building I should check?
Klex Fulgor: There was a lot of chaos when everything happened. There is no telling where a key might be. Sorry I can't give you an exact location.
PC: I'm going to look. You better hope you are right.
Klex Fulgor: Well, if you don't come back...

Captain Piett: Don't worry, that Inquisitor will be punished for his insolence. I've been tracking your progress and it has been remarkable. Carry on.

Han Solo: The laugh is going to be on him when Vader finds out he helped the Alliance get his Blackwing virus.

Guri: Ignore that fool. If he manages to survive this ordeal Darth Vader will likely deal with his failures personally.

Find the Key[]

The administrative building.

You need to find the a key in the Imperial facility. A waypoint is provided to a building in Camp Epsilon. Do not go in the bunker. The building is filled with level 90s and 95s, so be ready. In there you will need to find the key by radialing over dead people (dead stormtrooper, dead scientist, ect) on the ground and searching for the key. There is 5 bodies in the building, 3 downstairs and 2 upstairs. If you open up your map they will be the white dots on it. When you find the key an add will pop out named "Undead ____ " whatever the name of the body was called; Level 90 Silver. Once he is dead your quest will update and you will have waypoint to back to the inquisitor.</nowiki>

Klex Fulgor: That looks like a low level key, but it will work to get you in. You certainly are persistent.

Inquisitor Advice[]

Return to the inquisitor.

Conversation with Klex Fulgor[]

Klex Fulgor: Looks like you have the key...
PC: You made me come back to tell me what I already knew?
Klex Fulgor: No. I wanted to also try and talk sense into you. The research facility has been overrun. There is nothing alive down there I assure you.
PC: I am not here to rescue survivors.
Klex Fulgor: No?  What then?
PC: I need to retrieve an unmutated Blackwing sample and destroy the canisters so the virus will dissipate.
Klex Fulgor: Maybe that is why the Empire hasn't bombarded this area into the stone age.
PC: Maybe.
Klex Fulgor: Well, hopefully I'll be long gone if you are successful.  Oh, by the way, thanks for the shuttle parts. I hear we may be flight worthy sometime in the next several hours.
PC: I'd suggest you find a rock to hide under if you leave without me.
Klex Fulgor: Uh...well...uhm. I see. So, the facility has several underground levels. Some I haven't even seen myself. The Chief Virologist is....well, was...Dr. Giffax Jin. You might have a good chance of finding an unmutated sample in one of the cryogenic storage rooms next to his main office.  Where that can be found I have no idea.
PC: Great. Anything else?
Klex Fulgor: No. Good luck, %TU.

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