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Added into the game alongside the GCW2 "Space" Update in Game Update 20, the Ace Pilot System allows players to take on some of the best pilots in the Star Wars Canon in one-on-one PvE Space Combat.

Tier 7 Duty Missions[]

The Space Duty Missions that were added into the game with Game Update 16 are expanded to include Tier 7 Duty Missions. As well as providing a vastly increased token payout and more Space XP, these missions include, in their "boss" stage, one of the best pilots from the Star Wars Galaxy. To activate these missions, /comm any participating Space Station and select "Any mercenary assignments available?" as your conversation option. Only those of a high enough level will be able to access the Tier 7 missions.


Mara Jade, the Emperor's Hand is nearly brought to her knees by a Rebel X-Wing

Imperial Pilots[]

Alliance Pilots[]

Freelance Pilots[]

Currently Unknown/Rumored[]


When a player has managed to "destroy" one of these ships, unlike other ships they will not explode. This has been intentionally instigated by the developers as, for obvious Star Wars lore and continuity issues, they did not want any of the above pilots to actually "die". They will display a quick message to let you know that you have formally beaten them.


The new Ace Pilot System includes a new collection.